Arab Horse Society continues to clamp down on ‘bagging’

  • The Arab Horse Society (AHS) is continuing to take action to try and prevent competitors engaging in outside interferences at society breed shows.

    The Arabian horse — known for its exuberant action and flashy paces — maintains its place as one of the most popular crosses of performance horses and ponies, while the pure-bred also holds its place on the show circuit, both at national events and breed specific shows.

    In an attempt to enhance the Arab’s athletic action and presence, in-hand showing classes have been associated with the practice of “bagging”, a term used for describing when an  the waving of an article to excite the horse to enhance his trot, ultimately attempting to get the horse to show himself off.

    In recent years, the AHS has discouraged bagging and other outside influences, and are reported to have gone some way in stopping such behaviours at society fixtures.

    AHS chairman Joanne Lowe said: “For the last several years we have banned bagging and outside interference at shows. This has been respected by exhibitors and appreciated by everyone.

    “The Arabian is noted for its exuberant and athletic action and does not need any other aids to show itself off other than a fit handler. Our top handlers know it is not necessary and not approved of at Malvern [the national championships venue] and they can and will continue to lead the way and help us educate new exhibitors.

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    Think Arabs are just for endurance? Think again…

    This year marks the centenary of the Arab Horse Society and among the celebrations was a parade of leading ridden

    “What we have achieved at Malvern has been followed by other shows in the UK and overseas.”

    Arab horse enthusiasts have been debating the topic on social media, with many believing it can be extremely distressing for the horses and those spectating at the event.

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