Activo-Med Therapy Systems sponsors Horses Inside Out lecture series

  • FMB’s Activo-Med Therapy Systems is sponsoring Horses Inside Out, a lecture tour, that gives a fascinating insight into the way horses work.

    Founded by sports and remedial physiotherapist, Gillian Higgins, Horses Inside Out offers a range of educational lectures, demonstrations and day courses focusing on the training and management of horses from an anatomical perspective.

    By painting the skeleton and musculature on to the side of a real horse, Gillian really brings this subject to life.

    Serena Hickson, managing director of FMBs/Activo-Med, said: “I am delighted to be associated with Gillian and her brilliant demonstrations. She has been a great supporter of the Activo-Med system for years and there is a great deal of synergy between our two organisations.”

    She said an understanding of equine anatomy and biomechanics allows riders and trainers to fully recognise and appreciate how the Activo-Med therapy system works to support the horse’s physiology.

    Practical and effective for rehabilitation or everyday use, the Activo-Med Combi Pro rug works in harmony with the horse’s circulatory system, providing sequenced pulsed electromagnetic field and cyclonic massage therapy from poll to tail and in the shoulder and stifle area.

    The system offers pre-set warm-up and post exercise programmes, plus options to change therapy time, frequency and intensity to create individual therapy programmes for specific horses or conditions.

    The Activo-Med Combi Pro rug is safe, practical and portable, with no trailing cables, making it easy to use at home or away.

    And new Pectoral Straps and Power Pads as well as optional therapy leg wraps, hoof pads and lasers are also available. All systems can be hired or hire-purchased.

    To organise an Activo-Med demonstration or for information on therapy systems or treadmills, please call 01628 472440 or 07885 539312 or visit www.fmbs.co.uk.

    To learn more about Horses Inside Out visit www.horsesinsideout.com or call 0115 9212648.

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