AHT infectious disease group receives award at NEF

  • The Animal Health Trust (AHT) infectious disease group has been recognised for its efforts in protecting the UK’s equine population.

    The group received the Sir Colin Spedding Award at the National Equine Forum (NEF) earlier this month (6 March).

    The award recognises the AHT’s “outstanding work” on disease research, surveillance and management to help protect and safeguard the future of the UK’s horses and ponies.

    It was received by Dr Andrew Waller, head of bacteriology at the AHT.

    “The group has made a number of significant breakthroughs in the diagnosis, surveillance, containment and treatment of a number of equine ‘nasties’ commonly seen in the UK including equine influenza, strangles and equine herpesvirus,” said Dr Waller.

    “Our work has considerably improved the health and welfare of horses internationally and we are grateful that the NEF has acknowledged the important role we play in protecting horses from infectious disease.”

    Tim Brigstocke, chairman of the NEF added: “Equine disease poses a growing threat to all of our horses, which makes the work of the AHT group ever more important, hence we wanted to take this opportunity to say thank you.”

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