New kennels for Cottesmore

  • The Cottesmore hunt is to build new stables and kennels on the outskirts of the village of Ashwell, Rutland, its traditional home.

    Unanimous planning approval has been granted. But the hunt first had to reassure local residents and the parish council over fears about noise and smell, traffic congestion and possible drainage problems from the new site.

    After hearing detailed plans on the buildings and waste disposal proposals, councillors gave the thumbs up for the development at Eastfield Farm, on the outskirts of Ashwell.

    There will be purpose-built kennelling for 100 hounds and stabling for 14 horses. A landscaped embankment will act as a noise barrier for residents living to the west of the site.

    This means that the hounds, which have been temporarily housed at Belvoir Castle, will have a permanent new home.

    Welcoming the go-ahead, Cottesmore hunt committee member Michael Clayton says: “The hunt has the confidence to go ahead with this exciting project because hunting is widely supported in Cottesmore country, especially by young people and other newcomers to the sport.”

    The Cottesmore had another application to build three extra homes on the new site deferred pending further discussion with the council.

  • This article first appeared in Horse & Hound (10 June)

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