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    Q: What do the German colour abbreviations mean when reading a horse’s pedigree or bloodline?
    LM, Flintshire

    German breeders use the following abbreviations to describe a horse’s colouring:

    • bay = b (short for braun)

    • dark brown = schwb (schwartzbraun)

    • brown bay = db (dunkelbraun)

    • chestnut = f (fuchs)

    • dark chestnut = df (dunkelfuchs)

    • black = r (rappe)

    • grey = sch (schimmel)

    In addition, S is used to indicate a mare (short for stute or stutfohlen), and H is used to indicate an ungelded male (short for hengst or hengstfohlen).

    The abbreviation “stm” may be used to indicate height measured with a stick (stockmass in German).

    Thus, you may see a horse described as: “Brown Dancer, Schwb H, born 2000, Stm. 165cm.” This describes a nine-year-old, 16.1hh, dark brown stallion.

    This article was first published in Horse & Hound (12 November, ’09)

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