Welcome back: Rio horses return to home soil

  • It seems like only yesterday that the first batch of horses heading to the Olympics took to the skies to Rio. But those who have already been out and competed, and even those who were travelling reserves but who weren’t called upon, have returned home.

    Here we take a look at those who have returned to more familiar surroundings.

    Kitty King’s home team welcome her back to Wiltshire

    Spotted: the plane that brought the first of the horses back to the UK

    Pippa Funnell’s Billy The Biz looks perky as he prepares to fly home

    Rufus, the horse of dressage travelling reserve Lara Griffith arrived home last week, as soon as it became evident he wouldn’t be required

    Horseware Hale Bob looks less like an eventing team silver medallist and more like any other horse here

    Tom Bombadill, the ride of British-based Brazillian eventer Ruy Fonseca, looks none the worse for wear for his long trip

    The yard of event rider Mark Kyle get into the spirit of things upon his return

    Mark Kyle

    A lovely welcome home for Mark & Flicka. what to say…Obviously we are disappointed all did not go to plan, Flicka went superbly, she did as good as a test as she could, a super XC round spoilt by…

    Supporters of the French eventing team go all out for their return

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