Walk the 2015 Badminton Horse Trials cross-country course [PICS]

  • As cross-country day at this year’s Mitsubishi Motors Badminton Horse Trials fast approaches, we take a look at what lies ahead for riders on Saturday 9 May.

    Designed by Guiseppe Della Chiesa for the second year, will the cross-country course in 2015 be as influential as it was in 2014?

    View from the start box

    Start box

    Fence 1: ASX Starter

    1 xc

    Fences 2 and 3: Countryside Hedges

    Fence 2

    3 xc

    Fences 4, 5 and 6: HorseQuest Quarry

    Fence 4


    5 xc

    View up to fence 6

    View to 6


    Fence 7: Oxer Chicane

    7 xc

    Fence 8ab: ISH Studbook – Huntsmans Close

    8a xc

    Fence 8a side view

    8a side

    Fence 8a alternative

    8a alt xc

    Fence 8b


    Fence 8b side view

    8b side xc

    Fence 8b alternative

    8b alt xc

    Fence 9: Kennels House

    9 XC

    Fence 10: Outlander Lower Lake

    Fence 10

    View of fence 10 from take off point

    Fence 10 close

    Fence 11: L200s

    11 XC

    Fence 12abcd and 13: The Lake

    Straight route is to jump up the stepmiddle right of this photograph, bouncing out over the far willow wave fence. The alternative 12c is seen middle left of this shot – the jetty.


    12ab alternative route (part b is a step into water immediately behind this willow wave)

    12ab alt

    12d alternative

    12d alt XC

    Fence 13: the upturned boat

    13 XC


    Fence 14: KBIS Garden Table

    14 XC

    Fence 14 side view

    14 XC side

    Fences 15 and 16ab: Swindon Designer Outlet Mound


    16a xc

    View from 16a to 16b

    16ab xc

    Fence 17: FEI Classics Stick Pile


    Fence 17 side view

    17 side

    Fence 18abc: Mirage Pond

    18a xc

    View from 18a to 18b and c

    18ab xc

    route to 18b xc

    18bc xc

    Fence 18b alternative

    18b alt

    Fence 18c alternative

    18c alt

    Fence 19: PHEV Oxer

    19 xc

    Fence 20abcd: Gatehouse New Pond

    20a XC



    View of 20c (rail on left) from exit of water after 20b

    route to 20c

    20c xc

    Fence 20a alternative

    20a alt

    Fence 20b alternative

    20b XC alt

    Fence 20c alternative

    20c alt

    Fence 21: Rolex Grand Slam Hedge

    21 xc

    Fence 22ab: Shogun Hollow

    22a xc

    Route from 22a to 22b (fastest route is jumping the wider feeder on the left)

    22ab xc

    Alternative fence 22a to alternative fence 22b (the more narrow feeder middle right of this photograph)

    22ab alt xc

    Fence 23ab: World Horse Welfare Garden Gates (23b is a sharp right

    23a xc

    Fence 24: Wadworth Barrels

    24 XC

    Fences 25ab and 26: Sense Silver Birch

    25a xc

    Fence 25a side view

    25b side xc

    Fence 25b


    Alternative fence 25a

    25a alt xc


    Fence 26

    25b xc


    Fence 27: John Whitakers Fallen Tree

    27 xc

    Fence 28abc: Savills Escaltor


    28b xc

    28c xc

    Fence 29: Keepers Birch

    29 xc

    Open ditch on fence 29

    29 side view xc

    Fence 30ab: Rolex Presentation Boxes

    30a xc

    (Fencing will be removed)

    30b xc

    Fence 31: Mitsubishi Finish (Telehandler to be removed!)

    31 xc


    You can keep up-to-date with all the action from Badminton with H&H Live every day this week on horseandhound.co.uk.

    Don’t miss the second part of H&H’s Badminton preview, including a full form guide and a scorecard to fill in for every rider, on sale tomorrow (Thursday 7 May 2015).

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