UK Master Class with Pat Parelli *Promotion*

Promotional Feature

THIS spring don’t miss out on a great opportunity to see Pat Parelli in an enlightening master class here in the UK.

This is your chance to meet a ‘true horseman’ and gain a host of advice and tips to help you reproduce amazing skills for yourself and your horse, in harmony and as partners.

Meet like-minded people and immerse yourself with others who share your passions. The master class is a chance to get the most from your horse whilst truly enhancing your relationship.

The event takes place on March 17 to 19, at Oakridge Arena, Newark, Nottinghamshire. Twelve students will get to ride and work alongside Pat throughout the master class and just 300 tickets are available to watch Pat and the team at this fantastic venue.

What you learn can be applied to any horse, any breed, with any problem. You will have the opportunity to ask Pat your horsemanship questions, providing you with the key to problem solving, getting to the root cause, and not simply training horses.

You will also recognise how to use horse psychology, not only so you have a true knowledge of horses but also so they have a true understanding of you.

The master class will include:
The Eight Principles of Horsemanship, and how they can philosophically change your life – not only with horses, but with every relationship you have. You will learn how to apply this method to any horse, any breed, any Horsenality, with any goal or problem.

If you are a longstanding Parelli student or new to natural horsemanship – you can get so much from the sessions. Although the level of 12 riders may be intermediate to advanced, the techniques and concepts will be relevant to all levels of horses and riders, this will be a unique opportunity to learn directly from Pat.

Throughout the event spectators will have the opportunity to ask questions as the clinic will be very interactive and everyone will be provided with workbooks to use throughout the sessions.

Buy your tickets for the Pat Parelli master class – March 17 to 19 at The Oakridge, Newark, Nottinghamshire. Tickets are priced at £160 for Parelli Savvy Club members and £200 for non-members. There is also the chance for Parelli students to be one of the 12 chosen to ride with Pat throughout the event.

Visit www.parelli.com/events to buy your tickets and contact Parelli UK on 0800 0234 813 to enquire about taking part in this exclusive master class.

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