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Equine travel

Entering what is effectively a sealed box on wheels… Being tied up in a confined space… And then travelling at great speed…

This is about as far removed as is possible from a horse’s natural environment. We should never take it for granted how much trust these magnificent animals place in us every time they’re loaded for travelling.

This is why it’s Equicruiser’s absolute priority to ensure that every journey represents a positive experience, allowing you and your mount to arrive at the destination feeling calm, comfortable and ready to focus on the job at hand.


The 10 tonne is the highest standard of quality

Why choose Equicruiser?

Bespoke design, unrivalled quality and craftsmanship, together with access to the very latest technology combine to make an Equicruiser lorry the ultimate choice for equestrian travel.

Equicruiser has a portfolio of vehicles to suit every equestrian need, but the Super Luxury 10 tonne T10 is their latest model which has been specifically built with the younger, recently-qualified HGV driver in mind.


The 10 tonne is perfect for the newly qualified HGV driver

All the luxury features of a super spec horse box
Compact in size but still spacious enough to effortlessly house three horses, the 10 tonne is much less daunting than our larger 14T or 18T lorries and is straightforward to manoeuvre. The automatic gear box, hydraulic ramp and reversing cameras all add to the lorry’s credentials, making it an absolutely dream drive.

The flip-up touchscreen radio; CD player; sat-nav; 4G-enabled mobile web access and bluetooth/iPod connection provide all the essential tech to keep every journey on track, letting you keep in touch and entertained throughout.

Putting the horse first
Every effort has been made to maximise the comfort of the horse while in transit, with features such as a glass skylight, electric powered extractor fan, grill head guards and PVC padded stainless steel frame partitions — there’s even an on-board hot horse shower.


The 10 tonne living area sleeps six people

Superb luxury living
The same meticulous attention to detail has been applied to the living accommodation which offers all the modern home-from-home comforts, including a 24” LCD TV with Freesat HD, DVD and a roof-mounted auto seeking satellite system; 80 litre fridge; Corian worktop and stainless steel basin; combi oven/microwave; diesel-powered central heating and climate controlled air conditioning; hob and hot water system; shower and electric flush toilet and comfortable sleeping quarters for up to six people.


Spacious shower/WC room

To see the full specifications of this horse box, please click here. For more information on the Super Luxury 10 tonne visit www.equicruiser.co.uk, call 01256 381 635 or email enquiries@equicruiser.co.uk


Comfortable and safe horse area


Equicruiser welcome mat

Travel tips for horses and ponies

  • Practice makes perfect — practise simply loading, feeding and unloading to familiarise your horse with new surroundings
  • Dress rehearsal — get your horse used to its travel boots/rugs. A tail bandage and a poll guard should also be fitted for added protection
  • Welcome on board — always include some clean, thick bedding and ideally rubber matting (fluted rubber matting is standard on the Super Luxury 10 tonne) to provide a safe and secure surface. Food is a wonderful distraction, so have a fresh hay net already in place
  • Bring a friend — research shows that stress in travelling horses is significantly reduced if they travel with a fellow equine, or even a sheep or goat!
  • Safe loading — when walking onto the ramp be sure to position the horse so that he is not in danger of clipping his stifle on entry. Don’t tie the horse up so tight that he can’t reach the hay net or so that his head is in an unnatural position
  • And go! — once loaded don’t hang around so that the horse becomes impatient. The sooner you get moving, the better
  • Be prepared — check the roads and be ready to deal with any delays. Carry plenty of water and feed and pack spare lead ropes/bridles; if you have an unexpected stop, you can safely unload the horse

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