The week on Twitter: Miami Beach, a unicorn and a 7hh superstar

Enjoy the H&H team’s top tweets from the equestrian twitterverse this week.

The week on twitter

1. The mind-blowing setting for the Global Champions Tour opening leg on Miami Beach. Why are we not there?

2 Lucky Ginny Howe had a great surprise on the morning of 1 April

3 This is what happens when you’re not in front on the dirt track at Meydan

4 The owner of top event horse Chilli Morning watched his horse perform on a slightly small stage in Hampshire this week

5 Let’s hear it for the volunteers who make being able to compete possible — this does not look entirely fun

6 How it used to be — horses arriving by train to Ascot racecourse

7 We hope you were lucky enough to meet Peter Potato at the Lambourn Open Day today

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