6 times we talk to our horse (maybe without even realising it…)

  • Let’s face it, our horses are often our best friends so it’s no surprise that we spend the majority of our days nattering away to them and putting the world to rights, even if we’re not conscious we’re doing it. Here are a few things that you probably find yourself doing when you are talking to horses, but which subjects do you raise with four four-legged partner on a regular basis?

    1. A particularly bad day at work

    When you’ve been crunching numbers, slogging through tedious reports or enduring back to back meetings, your horse is the perfect ear to listen to your woes. A quick rant while you’re skipping him out in the evening, and most of your stresses have disappeared into the wheelbarrow with the muck. You also can’t help but remind your horse that at the end of the day your commitment to your work is completely for his benefit.

    2. Around a course of fences

    Counting strides in your head is the norm when the fences are below your comfort height, but when the jumps start creeping up and up it’s easy to start counting aloud. Motivational phrases like “we’ve got this” and “you can do it” never go amiss either when you’re both leaving the ground.

    3. While you’re grooming him

    And you’re probably speaking in some tone of animal/baby voice, which you have adapted for your horse and strictly do not use beyond the yard gate.

    4. When you spot something spooky on a hack

    “Good boy. See, that pheasant in the hedge is not scary in the slightest” or “I haven’t even noticed that child playing behind that hedge, have you?” You could have been a professional negotiator in another life.

    5. After an argument with someone

    Venting to your horse is the perfect way to destress and reveal your true feelings without needing to filter your opinions. Your horse won’t judge you. Plus, when you’re explaining what happened to your horse, who has no opinion on the subject, he’s always on your side and you’re always right!

    6. While you’re training or working on the ground

    Of course, it’s a given that when you’re riding your horse, or doing ground work with him, you’ll be using clear, concise and consistent voice commands as aids. Consequently, talking to your horse in the stable helps strengthen your bond and connection, and it gets him used to your voice which can only be beneficial during training.

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