The real-life Black Beauty: meet the stallion dubbed the ‘most beautiful horse in the world’

  • Over the years, black Friesian horse stallion Frederik The Great has earned himself a flurry of nicknames, including real-life Black Beauty, Storybook Stallion and Fabio Of Horses. He is now considered the “most handsome horse in the world” since gaining the title in 2016.

    Born in The Netherlands, Frederik The Great was imported aged six into the United States by owner Stacy Nazario, who runs a horse farm called Pinnacle Friesians in Arkansas’ Ozark Mountains. Her farm specialises in breeding Friesian stallions — a breed that has almost become extinct a number of times.

    He is named after the 18th-Century Prussian monarch, Frederick the Great.

    According to Stacy, who also rides him in dressage competitions, Frederik is “quite aware of his good looks”.

    “He lights up when he’s in the arena or when there is photography going on. It’s almost like watching a celebrity.”

    His most distinctive feature is his long mane, which reaches down to his fetlocks. “It usually takes about three hours to wash and dry his mane,” said Stacy.

    His Facebook page has amassed 90,000 likes from fans around the globe and videos of him have gained over 23 million views on You Tube.

    He has a busy schedule of media commitments and his earnings from appearances, photo shoots and adverts on social media add up to about $20,000 a month.

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    Stacy said managing Frederik is a full-time job and she has even turned down film roles for him. “I’m very selective because it is all about him,” she said. He has also appeared on the Late Show with Stephen Colbert in America.

    Friesian horses are recognised for their majestic stamp, prized for their strength, versatility and elegance. The breed’s history dates back to the 13th Century, hailing from The Netherlands and also known as the “Belgian Black”.

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