Look for a sparkle in their eye — and other secrets for finding your dream cob

  • Canny, but kind, cobs are honest all-rounders who won’t let the side down, whatever the discipline – and once you’ve found a good ’un, you’ll be hooked for life. But how do you go about finding the perfect super cob?

    Horse & Hound asks the experts…

    1. “Apart from correct conformation, I look for freedom of movement and a good shoulder, as it’s a riding cob I want, not 
a driving cob.” — top showing producer Robert Walker

    2. “We bought Will.I.Am from Goresbridge Sales as a just-backed four-year-old. He was a weedy pony no one else wanted, but we bought him for his attitude — he was a cool customer with a sparkle in his eye.” — cob owner Nicola Martin

    3. “Go for good conformation and bone substance — and that ‘look at me’ quality. My cob Cointreau has a great overall outlook and a handsome head, a kind eye and is very correct for his type, with short cannons.” — Kate Slattery, heavyweight show cob rider

    4. “They need character and a big personality; having spirit and wanting to work — then they’re capable of achieving anything.” — Adriana Vaux, cob convert

    5. “For a family cob, safety needs to be your priority, but you have to like the look of them.” — Paul Harland, owner of a traditional gypsy cob

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    6. “You don’t find one, they find you! When you go looking for one, they’re never that lucky. I’m a big believer in what’s meant to be is meant to be.” — top show cob producer Simon Reynolds

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