5 things owners of ‘hairy’ horses and ponies are always hearing

  • If you’ve decided to let you horse or pony’s mane, tail, feathers — and possibly beard — go au naturel for whatever reason, chances are you will have heard one of these five comments at some point…

    1. You’re always getting asked about your horse’s hair care routine

    Its true, you spend three times as much on your horses hair products than your own. While you tend to opt for an own brand supermarket shampoo for yourself, your horse is treated to a luxury array of natural shampoos and conditioners to keep his mane and tail silky soft. You also battle with a bottle of foul smelling pig oil a couple of times a week to keep his feathers healthy. Because let’s face it, his Loreal moment is way more important than yours.

    2. ‘You should hog him’

    Your yard friends with their finer plaited horses will constantly be nagging you to tidy up your horse’s locks. While they appreciate that mane might be a struggle to squeeze into a row of neat plaits, they seem intent on sharpening his look and hogging seems like the perfect way to do this. But it certainly is an extreme makeover so proceed with caution before you get clipper happy…

    3. Your horse often gets judged on his fluffy appearance

    Those who don’t know your horse might assume that he can’t keep up on hacks, or might be super cuddly in the stable. But don’t be fooled, when he’s on a mission he can out walk any eventer and don’t assume that just because he’s soft and furry he likes snuggles, as you could end with a chunk missing from your arm.

    4. Your mare is always getting referred to as ‘he’

    Just because she’s rocking the longest moustache in the county does not mean she’s any less of a lady.

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    5. ‘Wouldn’t you like a horse to compete?’

    The stereotype of the hairy cob still rages on but you’re more than happy to break down barriers and prove that just because he’s got a bit more mane than most, he can still extend his trot and gallop for glory. And wait until you see him jump…

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