7 things that (might) cause horsey mother-daughter friction

  • There’s something really special about horsey mothers and daughters.

    After all, what could be more wonderful than sharing your beloved sport with your equally beloved parent/offspring?

    Whether you’re hacking partners, hunt together or have a mother-daughter share, there are so many opportunities to bond over cosy chats about boys, and why girls actually fancy that peculiar Justin Beiber creature, and that kind of stuff. Right?

    Hmm, that appears to be something of a deafening silence. Perhaps it’s for one of the following reasons…

    1. It’s Saturday morning, and you leap out of bed, bright and early. “Come on Daffodil, let’s muck out and then exercise the horses,” you trill gaily. Strangely, though, your teenage daughter Daffodil does not wish to be disturbed. This may be something to do with her crashing in at 2am, waking up the entire household in the process. Of course, you’re not one to hold grudges, so this has absolutely no bearing on your decision to bustle into her room at 6am, turn on all the lights, and threaten to stick a wet flannel on her if she doesn’t get her breeches on and into the car this minute. It’s for her own good. There’s nothing like a good ride to sort a hangover out!

    2. As you grimly muck out two horses for the fifth morning in a row, because your daughter’s school bus leaves at some unearthly hour in the morning and there’s no chance of getting to the yard before then, you may wonder why you gave into that whole “please can I have a pony, please, Mum, please, I promise I’ll look after it” malarkey….

    3. And that’s before she’s left for university. Now you have two horses to look after and exercise for the next three years. Good luck!

    4. From a teenage girl’s perspective…  It’s somewhat annoying when you’re boasting to your mates about jumping 1.10m, and one of your friends points out that your mum jumped the same class as you. And won it.

    5. It’s not ideal either when your mum borrows your competition breeches, and as her bottom is significantly larger than yours, splits them.

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    6. So you’re booked in to do a showjumping clinic, only to find that your mum has also booked herself in to a sponsored ride that day. You only have one lorry — you may also only have one horse between you. So what do you do? You could try paper-scissors-stone to see who gets the horse but don’t trust your mum to play fair. She always cheats — and if she loses, she’ll end up pulling rank anyway because she’s the only one who can drive the damn lorry. It’s so UNFAIR!

    7. She’s always there, isn’t she? You just need a bit of time to yourself, but there she is, covered in hay and waving a dandy brush about, banging on about cleaning tack or something equally irritating. (This could apply to either mother or daughter. You choose!)

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