Getting married this summer? Here’s how your horse can have a ‘mane’ role

  • You’re engaged! The lucky person, by this point, we assume is well aware that they will always be second to your beloved horse, perhaps they have even become your trusted competition groom. Our world revolves around our horses so it’s only natural to want to share the big day with our four-legged friends too. Wherever you choose to get married, here’s how your horse can have a ‘mane’ role, as explained by Rachel Fraser.

    Ride down the aisle

    Photo credit: John Brindle

    With outdoor ceremonies becoming ever more popular, it’s never been easier to bring your horse to your wedding. You could even ride down the aisle like groom Steve did. Friend of the groom John Brindle explained that, as ‘a big romantic’, Steve wanted to surprise his wife on their wedding day, so John’s wife Christine suggested he ride down the aisle! Although he had never ridden before, Steve looked very at home in the saddle! Horse & Hound would always recommend wearing a riding hat to current safety specifications.

    Arrive on horseback

    Although arriving on horseback takes some consideration (which style of dress you choose, for example, as a close-fitting sheath gown won’t allow you to straddle a horse!), it’s a fabulous way to arrive in true equestrian style. You’ll need some serious hairspray to create a hair do to cope with a riding hat, but it’s far from impossible and the veil can be clipped in last-minute once you’ve arrived. You could even decorate your helmet with flowers for a horsey take on the flower crown trend.

    Have your horse make a special appearance

    Photo credit: Sean Elliott

    Vicki Knox couldn’t imagine her wedding day without her horse Rocky: “To reduce stress, Rocky just came along for some photos. He was groomed and travelled by friends from the yard which was wonderful of them. My service dog was also our ring-bearer and wore a GoPro to capture the day.”

    Depart by horse-drawn carriage

    Ok, so this one is much easier if your horse is already broken to drive! Carriages of any size are easily decorated with ribbons, bunting or flowers for a rustic wedding day look. And if your horse isn’t broken to drive but you’re dreaming of a Cinderella carriage, there are companies who offer this – cast your eye over TripAdvisor reviews or ask around for local recommendations.

    But what if you’re getting married far away?

    Have jewellery made from your horse’s hair

    Photo credit: From The Tail Jewellery

    I dreamt that Billy – my Quarter Horse gelding – would walk me down the aisle. He’d been my partner in crime since childhood, so it seemed fitting that he should “give me away”. Much to my father’s relief though, we settled on a small wedding abroad, which sadly ruled out Billy attending. Desperate for him to be a part of our day, I discovered From The Tail Jewellery. They create all sorts: rings, necklaces and bracelets to name a few, made from your own horse’s hair. I will be walking down the aisle wearing a beautiful bespoke bracelet made from Billy’s tail hair. It does help that he’s palomino with a white tail, but if your horse’s colour clashed you could always opt to have the hair used in a pendant necklace instead.

    Plan a post-wedding photoshoot

    Photo credit: Alex Sharp Photography

    You only wear your wedding dress once, right? Wrong! Why not get back into your gown for a glorious photoshoot with your horse? Who hasn’t dreamed of galloping their horse across a field, wedding dress flying in the wind? Alex Sharp Photography, based in Worcestershire, offers both on-the-day wedding photography and post-wedding horsey photoshoots. Her horsey background combined with her eye for photography helps her create stunning images for you to treasure.

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    Let them be the icing on the cake

    Photo credit Tinylove Personalised Wedding Cake Toppers

    Cutting the cake is a key part of the reception, so why not let your horse take centre stage? There are many businesses offering personalised wedding cake toppers that you can keep long after your wedding day. Tinylove Personalised Wedding Cake Toppers add the personal touch and create anything from a bride, groom and horse to all the menagerie, bespoke to your requirements.

    For more equestrian wedding inspiration visit Pinterest, a quick search will give you ideas and help you visualise how your big day could look.

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