9 things your trainer says (and what they really mean)

  • Your trainer is a huge part of your team. You can rely on them to keep you and your horse on the straight and narrow, as well as give you the odd confidence boost. But here is what they may well be thinking deep down...

    1. What they say: “OK, make sure you’re sitting tall.”
    What they’re thinking: “If I have to say sit up one more time I think I may just explode…”

    2. What they say: “Absolutely stunning extended trot — brilliant, let’s do it again.”
    What they’re thinking: “If they can repeat that down the next long side I’ll eat my hat.”

    3. What they say: “So do you have a kettle on the yard?”
    What they’re thinking: “I haven’t been offered a single coffee today.” You’re their sixth client of the day; best keep them sweet if you want to avoid 30 minutes without your stirrups…

    4. What they say: “No, the other left…”
    What they’re thinking: “Ah another one that doesn’t know their left from right.” Common mistake…

    5. What they say: “Did you catch that?”
    What they’re thinking: “Am I speaking Dutch today? I see the horse’s ears moving… he’s a Dutch Warmblood, maybe he understands me?”

    6. What they say: “Do you know anyone nearby with an indoor school we can use when the weather gets worse?”
    What they’re thinking: “Note to self — must bring wet weather gear and hand warmers next time.”

    7. What they say: You’re absolutely fine. Just stay there for a moment *Accompanied by fast walking and worried expression*
    What they’re thinking: “I did say to look up over the jump. I’d better check nothing’s broken before they get up.”

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    8. What they say: “So have you managed to get in the school much since I last came?”
    What they’re thinking: “Someone clearly hasn’t been practising their walk to canter transitions…” Trainers cannot be fooled. You tell them you’ve been practising, but they know you haven’t…

    9. What they say: “OK, that was great. I think this is a good time to call it a day.”
    What they’re thinking: “Steak or spag bol for dinner? Either way, I’d better stop at the supermarket on the way home”. We’re all guilty of letting our minds wander from time to time…

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