Hickstead Derby winners: classic videos

  • The list of Hickstead Derby winners reads like a Who’s Who of showjumping with many of the biggest names in the sport having won the sought-after title across the decades.

    Since Seamus Hayes won the first Hickstead Derby in 1961, some riders have shown a particular prowess for this special challenge with their names featuring time and again on the winners’ list.

    The most successful riders todate, with four wins apiece, are showjumping legends Harvey Smith, Eddie Macken and brothers Michael and John Whitaker.

    Videos of Hickstead Derby winners

    1986 Hickstead Derby: Paul Schockemöhle & Deister

    1988 Hickstead Derby: Nick Skelton and Apollo

    1994 Hickstead Derby: Capt. John Ledingham and Kilbaha

    1987 Hickstead Derby: Nick Skelton and J-Nick

    Hickstead Derby winners

    1961 Seamus Hayes IRL Goodbye III
    1962 Pat Smythe GBR Flanagan
    1963 Nelson Pessoa BRA Gran Geste
    1964 Seamus Hayes IRL Goodbye III
    1965 Nelson Pessoa BRA Gran Geste
    1966 David Broome GBR Mister Softee
    1967 Marion Coakes GBR Stroller
    1968 Alison Westwood GBR The Maverick III
    1969 Anneli Drummond-Hay GBR Xanthos II
    1970 Harvey Smith GBR Mattie Brown
    1971 Harvey Smith GBR Mattie Brown
    1972 Hendrik Snoek GER Shirokko
    1973 Alison Dawes (Westwood) GBR Mr. Banbury
    1974 Harvey Smith GBR Salvador
    1975 Paul Darragh IRL Pele
    1976 Eddie Macken IRL Boomerang
    1977 Eddie Macken IRL Boomerang
    1978 Eddie Macken IRL Boomerang
    1979 Eddie Macken IRL Boomerang
    1980 Michael Whitaker GBR Owen Gregory
    1981 Harvey Smith GBR Sanyo Video
    1982 Paul Schockemöhle GER Deister
    1983 John Whitaker GBR Ryan’s Son
    1984 John Ledingham IRL Gabhran
    1985 Paul Schockemöhle GER Lorenzo
    1986 Paul Schockemöhle GER Deister
    1987 Nick Skelton GBR J Nick
    1988 Nick Skelton GBR Apollo
    1989 Nick Skelton GBR Apollo
    1990 Joe Turi GBR Vital
    1991 Michael Whitaker GBR Monsanta
    1992 Michael Whitaker GBR Monsanta
    1993 Michael Whitaker GBR Monsanta
    1994 John Ledingham IRL Kilbaha
    1995 John Ledingham IRL Kilbaha
    1996 Nelson Pessoa BRA Loro Piana Vivaldi
    1997 John Popely GBR Bluebird
    1998 John Whitaker GBR Gammon
    1999 Rob Hoekstra GBR Lionel II
    2000 John Whitaker GBR Welham
    2001 Peter Charles IRL Corrada
    2002 Peter Charles IRL Corrada
    2003 Peter Charles IRL Corrada
    2004 John Whitaker GBR Buddy Bunn
    2005 Ben Maher GBR Alfredo II
    2006 William Funnell GBR Cortaflex Mondriaan
    2007 Geoff Billington GBR Cassabachus
    2008 William Funnell GBR Cortaflex Mondriaan
    2009 William Funnell GBR Cortaflex Mondriaan
    2010 Guy Williams GBR Skip Two Ramiro
    2011 Tina Fletcher GBR Promised Land
    2012 Paul Beecher IRL Loughnatousa WB

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