Get crafty! 7 fun horsey art ideas that you can create from your home

  • If you’re bored at home during this self-isolation period, then why not get crafty and try out some of these artistic, fun ideas – and get your little ones involved too. If you want to have a go, make sure you already have the materials to hand or order for home delivery

    A lucky horseshoe

    If you have any spare horseshoes lying around, why not decorate them with, well, anything you like – from ribbons to vibrant paint, or bling them out with some diamante jewels. Personalise your horseshoes however you wish and transform them into the perfect household decorations.

    A personal touch

    Perhaps a more fiddly craft, but tail hair from your special horse can make a wonderful bracelet that you can treasure forever. There are tutorials on YouTube like this one, which can guide you in how to make them.

    An H&H collage

    A craft that requires minimal equipment, only a pair of scissors and a gluestick, is a collage. Grab some old issues of Horse & Hound that you have (of course) already read from cover to cover and cut out pictures from your favourite pages. Then create a colourful collage that will lift your spirits during these tough times. And if you have any spare photo frames about the house, why not frame your piece of art too.

    Sock craft

    Okay, perhaps more one to entertain the kids with, but some comical puppets can be created and will have the whole family laughing – all you need is an old sock and some felt. Again, you can find some inspiration on YouTube here.

    Get arty

    Bring out you inner Monet and artistic flair with a horse painting. If art is not your thing, find a picture you like and trace (doing this on a window is much easier). Then paint in and, just like magic, you will have created a stunning piece of artwork, and no one needs to know you traced it (shhh).

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    Attempt an upcycle

    If your children have got some old, scratched toy horses they are happy to “upcycle” then this is a perfect DIY project – a papier-mâché horse.

    All that is needed is tissue paper (if you have enough to go around obviously), lots of glue and some patience. Once dried, the papier-mâché horse can be given a lick of paint and there you have an artistic, new toy horse.

    Mask it out

    If you have paper plates and some lollipop sticks in your kitchen already, transforming them into some horse-face masks is a fun idea. The design can be as elaborate or simple as you like, then just glue the lollipop stick on and use as a handle.

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