A Christmas gift guide, as written by your horse

  • It’s the time of year where bloggers and influencers share gift guides galore, giving you the low down on this year’s festive favourites. But what if your horse could leave a list for Santa Claus? Here’s a tongue-in-cheek look at what we think could be on their Christmas wish list…

    Top of the list – an ‘I owe you’ for a stay in the field day

    We’re not saying your horse doesn’t love his job — many love their ridden work as much as their owners. But a day in the field with their friends, grazing, getting muddy and enjoying a good roll is hard to beat, especially on a morning when your trusty steed is perhaps feeling less enthusiastic towards a session in the school!

    Favourite nibbles

    Whether they’re partial to a swede, carrot, apple or a particular brand of horse treats, your horse would like to see his favourite nibbles appear in his stocking.

    Treat ball for those favourite nibbles

    And while we’re on the topic of favourite nibbles, how about a treat ball to put them in? Having listened to their stable mates having a kick about, happily dispensing delicious treats to gobble up, your horse would quite like one too!

    A new rug for a good roll

    Nothing says ‘roll in me’ quite like a brand new, immaculately clean rug. Or at least that’s what your horse thinks… Treat them to a bright new design and watch in horror as it quickly becomes unrecognisable, customised instead with your horse’s favourite accessory — mud.

    A swanky new saddle to stand out next season

    Who wouldn’t like to start next season on the right hoof with a swanky new saddle? Whether it’s first- or second-hand, have it professionally fitted — your horse will thank you and your performance is sure to improve with well-fitting tack and a comfortable horse.

    A year’s supply of carrots

    But maybe not all at once!

    A new lick

    At this time of year many horses are stabled for periods of the day. Whether your horse prefers a salt lick or the flavoured varieties, we think that a boredom-busting lick would be on your horse’s Christmas list.

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    A trip to the beach

    The fresh sea breeze and sand beneath their hooves, a day trip to the beach could be great fun for you and your horse. Whether it’s for a gentle stroll or a thrilling gallop, we think going for a splash would definitely be high up on the wish list.

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