Celebrating Badminton Horse Trials’ winners: 2000-2017

To have your name on the Mitsubishi Motors Badminton Horse Trials trophy is an achievement many dream of, but few accomplish

Following this year’s Badminton Horse Trials, we take a look back through the Horse & Hound picture archives at the winners of the famous Mitsubishi Motors trophy since the turn of the century. For a full list of winners dating back to 1949, see below.

Badminton Horse Trials winners

2017: Andrew Nicholson (NZL) Nereo

2016: Michael Jung (GER) Le Biosthetique-Sam FBW

2015: William Fox-Pitt (GBR) Chilli Morning

2014: Sam Griffiths (AUS) Paulank Brockagh

2013: Jonathan (Jock) Paget (NZL) on Clifton Promise

2012: Event cancelled due to waterlogged ground

2011: Mark Todd (NZL) on NZB Bloodstock’s NZB Land Vision

2010: Paul Tapner (AUS) on his own and Jenny Waaler’s Inonothing

2009: Oliver Townend (GBR) on Robert & Edward Nicholson’s Flint Curtis

2008: Nicolas Touzaint (FRA) on Monique Girard Claudon’s Hildago De L’Ile

2007: Lucinda Fredericks (AUS) on her own and Clayton Fredericks’s Headley Britannia

2006: Andrew Hoy (AUS) on Susan Magnier’s Moonfleet

2005: Pippa Funnell (GBR) on Mr. & Mrs. R. Lincoln & Metier Consulting’s Primmore’s Pride

2004: William Fox-Pitt (GBR) on Mary Guinness’s Tamarillo

2003: Pippa Funnell (GBR) on The Pitt-Lewthwaite Syndicate’s Supreme Rock

2002: Pippa Funnell (GBR) on The Pitt-Lewthwaite Syndicate’s Supreme Rock

2001: Event cancelled due to foot and mouth disease

2000: Mary King (GBR) on Hiscox Insurance Company & D King’s Star Appeal

1999: Ian Stark (GBR) on Lady Hartington’s JayBee

1998: Christopher Bartle (GBR) on Mr and Mrs A Cantwell’s Word Perfect II

1997: David O’Connor (USA) on Custom Made

1996: Mark Todd (NZL) on Robert Howell Construction’s Bertie Blunt

1995: Bruce Davidson (USA) on Mr and Mrs G. Strawbridge’s Eagle Lion

1994: Mark Todd (NZL) on Horton Point Syndicate’s Horton Point

1993: Ginny Leng (GBR) on Citibank and Mrs H. Holgate’s Welton Houdini

1992: Mary Thomson (GBR) on Mrs G. Robinson and Mr. D. King’s King William

1991: Rodney Powell (GBR) on The Irishman II

1990: Nicola McIrvine (GBR) on Mrs J. Elliott’s Middle Road

1989: Ginny Leng (GBR) on Citibank Savings and Mrs H. Holgate’s Master Craftsman

1988: Ian Stark (GBR) on The Edinburgh Woollen Mill’s Sir Wattie

1987: Event cancelled due to bad weather

1986: Ian Stark (GBR) on The Edinburgh Woollen Mill’s Sir Wattie

1985: Ginny Holgate (GBR) on British National Life Assurance’s Priceless

1984: Lucinda Green (GBR) on SR Direct Mail Ltd’s Beagle Bay

1983: Lucinda Green (GBR) on SR Direct Mail Ltd’s Regal Realm

1982: Richard Meade (GBR) on George Wimpey Plc’s Speculator III

1981: Capt Mark Phillips (GBR) on Range Rover Team’s Lincoln

1980: Mark Todd (NZL) on Southern Comfort III

1979: Lucinda Prior-Palmer (GBR) on Mr C Cyzer’s Killaire

1978: Jane Holderness-Roddam (GBR) on Mrs S Howard and Mrs T. Holderness-Roddam’s Warrior

1977: Lucinda Prior-Palmer (GBR) on Mrs H. C. Straker’s George

1976: Lucinda Prior-Palmer (GBR) on Miss V Phillips’ Wide Awake

1975: Event abandoned due to waterlogged ground

1974: Capt. Mark Phillips (GBR) on HM The Queen’s Columbus

1973: Lucinda Prior-Palmer (GBR) on Be Fair

1972: Lt. Mark Phillips (GBR) on his own and Miss F Phillip’s Great Ovation

1971: Lt. Mark Phillips (GBR) on his own and Miss F Phillip’s Great Ovation

1970: Richard Meade (GBR) on the Combined Training Committee’s The Poacher

1969: Richard Walker (GBR) on Pasha

1968: Jane Bullen (GBR) on Our Nobby

1967: Celia Ross-Taylor (GBR) on Jonathan

1966: Event cancelled due to weather

1965: (Great Badminton) Major Eddie Boylan (IRE) on Durlas Eile; (Little Badminton) Capt. Martin Whiteley (GBR) on The Poacher

1964: (Great Badminton) Capt. James Templer (GBR) on M’Lord Connolly; (Little Badminton) Sheila Waddington (GBR) on Glenamoy

1963: Badminton ran as a one-day event due to ongoing poor weather

1962: (Great Badminton) Anneli Drummond-Hay (GBR) on Merely-a-Monarch; (Little Badminton) Penny Crofts (GBR) on HGraham-Clark’s Priam

1961: (Great Badminton) Laurie Morgan (AUS) on Salad Days; (Little Badminton) Capt. Peter Welch (GBR) on Mr. Wilson

1960: (Great Badminton) Bill Roycroft (AUS) on Our Solo; (Little Badminton) Capt. Martin Whiteley (GBR) on Peggoty

1959: (Great Badminton) Sheila Willcox-Waddington (GBR) on Airs and Graces; (Little Badminton) Shelagh Kesler (GBR) on Double Diamond

1958: Sheila Willcox (GBR) on High and Mighty

1957: Sheila Willcox (GBR) on High and Mighty

1956: Lt. Col. Frank Weldon (GBR) on Kilbarry

1955: (Held at Windsor) Major Frank Weldon (GBR) on Kilbarry

1954: Margaret Hough (GBR) on Bambi

1953: Major Laurence Rook (GBR) on J. R. Baker’s Starlight

1952: Capt. Mark Darley (GBR) on Emily Little

1951: Capt. Hans Schwarzenbach (SUI) on Vae Victis

1950: Capt. Tony Collings (GBR) on G H Crystal’s Remus

1949: John Shedden (GBR) on Mrs Home Kidson’s Golden Willow

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