7 things riders who have owned their horse for over a decade can relate to

  • For many riders, a horse is for life, so when they sign up to an equine partner they know they’re going to be in each other’s lives for a very long time. 

    If you’ve owned your horse for 10-plus years, you can probably relate to one or more of these…

    1. It’s the longest relationship you’ve ever had 

    Partners, friends and even family have been and gone, some being in the picture for longer than others, but your horse has been by your side for the duration. You’ve lost connections, and formed new ones. You’ve dated some of the bad ones, some of the good ones and some you would rather just forget about altogether, and only a select few have ever met your horse. While you’ve had ups and downs with your horse, the relationship you have with him is the most stable (pun intended) in your life. 

    2. You know each other inside out 

    You know everything about him; his likes, dislikes, quirks and favourite treats. Likewise, he has a pretty good gauge of your personality traits and what makes you tick.

    3. Though your horse still manages to surprise you regularly 

    Just when you think he can’t possibly do anything to take you by surprise, he’ll throw in an unpredicted stop at a cross-pole, spook while on a hacking route he’s done 1,000 times before or will refuse to load. No matter how long you’ve owned a horse, they’ll always find new ways to bring you back down to earth, sometimes with a thud. 

    4. You sometimes get asked when you’re getting a new horse 

    Those on the yard who prefer to move on and change horses every couple of seasons sometimes question why you’ve stayed with the same steed for so long. Though deep down you know that if your horse was to leave the yard, there would be a huge hole where his personality was and he’d be greatly missed by everyone. 

    5. You’ve been through many physical changes together 

    Looking back at old photographs makes you cringe. Why did your friends let you go out wearing that outfit, and why did you ever think that hairstyle was a good idea? Your horse has also suffered a similar glow-up; the gangly, immature youngster has changed beyond recognition, and you’ve definitely improved your turnout abilities, too, which has sharpened the picture. 

    6. You forget how old your horse is 

    Sometimes you have have to check his passport just to confirm which year he was born and you’re always shocked. Where have the years gone and what’s the secret to his everlasting youth?

    7. You hope you’ll make it to two decades

    Your horse is your life partner and you just hope you get the opportunity to grow old together.

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