13 times owning horses has been a humbling experience

  • Being a horse owner is one of the greatest joys in life, but for the many, many highs we experience, there are certainly a number of lows.

    Horses are great levellers and they teach us the importance of having patience, compassion and a sense of humour.

    Here are a few times that most equestrians will have been humbled during their journey in and out of the saddle.

    1. When you fall over in a muddy field

    Usually, when you’re running late or have a very important non-horsey meeting or appointment to attend.

    2. When your precious, darling horse kicks or bites you

    You clearly missed the warning signs that proceeded the need for your horse to escalate their behaviour to these levels.

    3. When you fall off

    Nothing brings you back down to earth faster, quite literally, than a fall, especially a silly one where nothing is bruised, aside from your ego.

    4. When you have a ‘could have been avoided’ tack malfunction

    Your saddle slipping as you clamber on to your horse because you didn’t check your girth, even though that’s the first lesson you’re ever taught. Or, the shame when someone kindly points out that you have your bit on upside down…

    5. When your horse won’t load to go home

    He practically jumps into the lorry to go to a competition, but after the action is over, he’s reluctant to return. “He never usually does this,” you say, but no one believes you.

    6. When you forget to pack essential items into the lorry

    Why is it so embarrassing to forget something so important, like your girth or your riding boots, so you have to beg or borrow from a fellow competitor so you can actually compete?

    7. When your horse refuses at a small jump

    All is forgiven if your horse is a youngster just learning the ropes, but why do older horses with form like to pop in a sneaky stop in the warm-up, before jumping clear?

    8. When you can’t fit in your summer riding gear

    If you wintered better than your horse, you either have to begin a super-speedy get fit quick campaign, or buy a whole new riding wardrobe…

    9. When you check your bank balance

    So you think you have finally managed to control your finances, but then your card is declined as you try to buy a meal deal – that might have something to do with that new rug, numnah and supplement you bought your horse last week…

    10. When you look at competition photos

    Granted, you never had you and your horse down as a 10/10 combination in the looks department, but you were truly horrified at the pictures of you both taken at your most recent event.

    11. When someone asks you to pick a winner at the races

    Just because I own a horse does not mean I am capable of choosing a good bet. Like you, I’ll be putting my money on the one with the best name.

    12. When your horse won’t be caught

    There’s something hilarious about watching a grown adult scurry after a horse around a field trying to coax it into a headcollar.

    13. When you read the judge’s comments

    “Lovely horse with lots of potential, but he was obviously feeling a little cheeky today” or “nice moments, when he wasn’t squealing and actually had all four feet on the floor”.

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