6 fixes for the ultimate Thelwell addict (and you don’t need to be under the age of 10)

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  • If you’re a Thelwell lover (and who isn’t) then check out all this gorgeous merchandise…

    If you’ve ever been a member of Pony Club – or even just sat on a horse – chances are that, at some point, someone has given you a birthday card with a Thelwell pony on it. Or maybe a mug, or a teatowel, because the images of a Pony Club kid being dragged into all sorts of trouble by her fat, hairy, naughty pony are now legendary.

    Iconic cartoonist Normal Thelwell (1923-2004) actually created his ‘Penelope and Kipper’ series pretty much by accident. He said in his autobiography: “I was a sort of unofficial country cartoonist, doing funny drawings that involved birds, cattle, pigs and poultry. One day I did a pony drawing and it was like striking a sensitive nerve. The response was instantaneous.

    “People telephoned the editor and asked for more. Suddenly I had fan mail. So the editor told me to do a two-page spread on ponies. I was appalled. I thought I’d already squeezed the subject dry. I looked at the white drawing block and wondered what on earth to do. In the end I dreamed up some more horsey ideas and people went into raptures.”

    Non-horsey people might think Thelwell lampoons the equestrian lifestyle – but for us, it’s completely real. We were that chubby kid on an out-of-control pony once — let’s face it, some of us still are!

    Thelwell images have been used on all sorts of different merchandise including stationery, jigsaws, table mats, china, glass, door mats, socks and bedlinen. Let’s take a look at the ways you can Thelwell up your life…

    Get it wrapped

    Delight your horsey friends by wrapping their birthday gift in this cheeky Thelwell wrapping paper. There are two different designs available – the full colour version depicts mischievous Thelwell ponies and the black-and-white version features the famous series ‘Ponies For Sale.’
    Available from: www.countrysidegreetings.com
    Price: £4.99

    Bog off!

    The smallest room in the house just isn’t complete without this Thelwell loo seat – well, we all need something to look at when we’re lying in the bath!
    Various designs available from: www.featherfurandfin.com
Price: £49.99

    All rugged up

    Oh my goodness! If you’ve got a fat, hairy pony of your own, how can you resist one of these incredible Thelwell fleece rugs? They come in sizes from 3’6 to 5’3, and are perfects for shows, gymkhanas, just hanging out looking adorable…
    Available from: watttowearprint.co.uk
    Price: £85

    Munch bunch

    Breakfast in bed would taste even better served on one of these adorable Thelwell trays (yeah, we know, chance would be a fine thing when you have to be up at 6am to muck out!)
    Available from: www.allhorseygifts.co.uk
    Price: £8.95

    Lucky charm

    For something a little bit different, this stunning stirling silver Thelwell saddle necklace would make a really special present for any equestrian. Bound to bring good luck!
    Available from: www.hihosilver.co.uk
    Price: £45

    Sock it to ‘em

    Have the best-dressed feet at your yard with any of the fab Thelwell designs available from Sockmine. Your feet will be warm yet totally cool at the same time – imagine that?!
    Available from: www.sockmine.co.uk
    Price: £6

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