11 excuses we’ve all made for our horses at some point

  • Not one horse owner can say they’ve never made an excuse for their four-legged friend at some point. Much like parents do with their children, we often look at our horse with rose tinted specs. We can elaborate an excuse when his halo slips from his head, because let’s face it, it’s better than just admitting he was being naughty and that we’d let him misbehave.

    Which one of these excuses have you made for your horse’s behaviour before?

    1. He doesn’t like the rain

    We’re allowed to be fair weather riders, but they’re designed to live in the wild so…

    2. He’s used to a horsebox, not a trailer

    That’s why it took two hours and five people to load him on the show field, even though he went in sweet as a nut on the journey here…

    3. He’s on some new feed

    All that extra energy explains why he tanked off with you a few times today.

    4. He’s not been ridden in ages

    In other words, you only gave him yesterday off and he’s come out of the stable like a newly backed three-year-old so you need to ham it on a little.

    5. He’s just a novice

    Said to the concerned judge who questioned if you had any brakes after your horse decided to jump the white boards and leave the dressage arena mid-test.

    6. He’s never seen these fences before

    A justification for any stop at any fence, even if it is a 60cm cross pole.

    7. He spooked at a bird in the hedge

    Said as you re-caught your horse after being dragged at pace across the yard while leading him to the field. What bird?

    Continued below…

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    8. She’s in season

    She’s just as grumpy the other 364 days of the year, too…

    9. He’s just well bred

    If you provide his fancy-sounding breeding, no one will even question why he rodeo bronked around the arena.

    10. He was cut late

    That’s why he bites, not because I am overly generous with hand-fed treats.

    11. He’s just so clever

    I swear he’s not just spoilt and that I let him get away with murder…

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