Prize money increase for this year’s Blenheim Horse Trials

  • Competitors at this year’s Blenheim Horse Trials (11-14 September) will have more to aim for than in previous years with substancially increased prize money up for grabs.

    The total prize money has now risen by £10,000 to £25,000 from £15,000.

    The top five prizes are all increasing by up to 50 per cent. First prize in now £7,000 up from £5,000, second is £4,000 and third is £3,000. Riders placed fifth to tenth will all get £1,000 each.

    Event director Many Hervieu said: “We had to decide whether to apply the extra funds to just the winner’s prize or across the board, and the committee agreed that it would be fairer if it the extra money was distributed across the top 10 places.

    “We wanted to raise prize-money as we fully understand the costs of keeping horses and due to the generosity of our sponsors we are very pleased to be able to do this.”

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