Miners Frolic fights for life in equine hospital

  • Miners Frolic, Tina Cook’s Hong Kong Olympic bronze medal winning ride, has been fighting for survival in Arundel Equine Hospital after an adverse reaction to a long-term course of antibiotics.

    The 13-year-old gelding, who also won dual gold at the 2009 European Championships, has been suffering from colitis, a poisoning of the gut, after he was given a prolonged course of antibiotics following the appearance of an infected lump that caused his withdrawal from this year’s Badminton prior to the dressage.

    “Two days ago I nearly lost him,” said Tina Cook. “He had a high temperature last Sunday so I took him to the clinic on the Monday. He didn’t eat all week but he did have something yesterday [Saturday].

    “He seems to have battled against it so we are optimistic that he will pull through but the danger now in such cases is chronic laminitis.”

    The lump in Miners Frolic’s saddle area that had appeared during the week of Badminton had proved resistant to treatment. It only disappeared two days before the son of Miners Lamp fell ill, when Tina had been able to put a saddle on him for the first time in two months.

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