Meet Horse & Hound Grassroots Eventing Championship contender Debbie Jowett

  • With just weeks until the inaugural Horse & Hound Grassroots Eventing Championships, we continue to meet the riders taking part and find out their stories…

    The Horse & Hound Grassroots Eventing Championships, held at Keysoe (27 – 29 May) offers riders the chance to take part in a three-day event with their horse. This unaffiliated event has classes from 70cm – 100cm meaning there really is nothing to stop you and your horse living your dreams and completing a three-day event with a true championship feel.

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    We are still accepting limited entries for the inaugural Horse & Hound Championships, so if you want to experience everything this event has to offer, hurry and make your entry before classes close tomorrow (6 May).

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    In the run up to the competition we take a look at the stories of the entrants who can’t wait for the event in our new ‘championship contenders’ series.

    Meet Debbie Jowett and Harvey

    Name: Debbie Jowett

    Horse’s name: Crumpwell Sir Storm (Harvey)

    Class entered: 80cm

    Why you have decided to enter the Championships?

    I entered the championships in order to challenge myself and give me something to look forward to after a tough six months.

    The event is a big deal for us for a number of reasons: it will be our first three-day event, and unforeseen circumstances mean that it will also be our first run of the season. Finally, it will mark our return to eventing following my surgery and treatment for breast cancer, which was diagnosed September 2016.

    I have ridden throughout my treatment, with the exception of recovery from surgery, and started jumping again in January as soon as I regained the strength in my arm and chest. I completed my radiotherapy in April 2017, so we’re good to go!

    I have to thank my friends and my instructor for keeping Harvey fit and competing when I couldn’t, which has given me a realistic chance to do this. To complete the three-day event, regardless of result, will feel like an amazing achievement and one hell of an emotional comeback and we are really looking forward to doing our best!

    What you are most looking forward about the championships?

    The atmosphere! Everyone is always so helpful and friendly at events; it feels less like a competition and more like a social event. What I like most about eventing is that all shapes and sizes can take part, so there is no feeling like you don’t fit in. Eventing shows a true all-rounder and my ‘V8 supercob’ (as we like to call him) absolutely loves it – he will be buzzing off the atmosphere.

    What is your must-have stay away show item?

    I would have to say my Premier Equine cooler as it’s so versatile. I use it to travel, as a cooler, a day rug and to throw over his quarters if we have a wait between classes or sections and it’s a bit nippy. It keeps him dry and warm and never seems to get soaked through like other sweat rugs.

    Do you have a secret weapon?

    Harvey! Harvey is the biggest section D I have ever met, standing at 16hh and genuinely believes he is a Thoroughbred diva who should lead a pampered life, rather than a hardy native. He runs on adrenaline and can be quirky leading to some interesting dressage scores, but has the heart of a lion cross-country and is as genuine as they come to jump. He is incredibly clever and a real character who really helps you out in a sticky situation.

    Tell us a fun fact about your horse?

    Harvey has a cheeky habit of unfastening things and can do this very quickly whilst you are not looking (picture me in the back of the wagon oblivious whilst my horse mooches off to examine the showjumping course!). He can undo stable bolts, gates, lead ropes, haynets, buckles and clips. We regularly find him in the stable or field with his rug unfastened at the chest or removed completely if he has been bored.

    Have you entered the H&H Championships and would like to feature as a Championship Contender? If so please email h&hmarketing@timeinc.com

    Entries for this fantastic event are filling up fast, so ensure that you don’t miss out by entering today.

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