Pammy Hutton’s New Year wishes for 2011

  • 1. The return of the old, non-alphabetical BD schedule.

    2. An earlier (than September) BD national championships.

    3. A new championships for all potential team partnerships from senior to ponies, open for all BD members to watch.

    4. The same team to judge each regional championship level, for uniform standards.

    5. Easier downgrading, upgrading and re-downgrading of horses and riders at every level, to any level — plus the ability to qualify for championships.

    6. The notification system for wild cards for the nationals to be sent by special delivery, or rider and owner spoken to — instead of messages left on answering machines.

    7. Show organisers to remember that competitors of every level and experience are their clients and paying for the privilege.

    8. More realisation that there is much to learn at a British riding school and that colleges are not the be all and end all to successful employment in the equine industry.

    9. A respectable competition season, with limited observation of my advancing years.

    10. My mother [Molly Sivewright] to remain well and to finish her next book.

    11. My daughter Pippa to achieve her ambitions and son Charlie to continue to find his adult feet, with the family’s support.

    12. My wonderfully supportive husband’s kindness to be rewarded with a good day’s hunting.

    And a happy New Year to you all.

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