Oliver Townend and Lee Pearson on Ready Steady Cook

  • Badminton and Burghley-winning event rider Oliver Townend and Paralympic gold medallist Lee Pearson will be going head-to-head on television next month — on Ready Steady Cook.

    The pair, who both confess that cooking isn’t their greatest talent, will fight it out in an episode due to air next month.

    “I was asked if I wanted to take part and decided to go for it,” Oliver told H&H. “It was [filmed on] the Monday after Burghley though, so I’ll admit I wasn’t feeling my best.

    “I’ve never cooked anything in my life — beans on toast is about my limit. We prepared about four dishes in 20 minutes, which was a challenge.

    “It was loads of fun, but I don’t think I’ve been inspired to cook more in the future!”

    Lee also admitted that he’s no whizz in the kitchen.

    “It was great to compete against Oliver, but I was useless in the kitchen — everything that could go wrong, did,” said Lee.

    “The can opener broke and I then tried to crush garlic, but didn’t realise you have to take the outside layer off, so that was a bit of a disaster.

    “Twenty minutes goes very quickly. I’m certainly not a natural — I’m more a ready-meal kind of guy!”

    Meanwhile, European eventing champion Tina Cook is looking forward to appearing on BBC’s A Question of Sport.

    “I’m in for filming in December,” Tina told H&H. “I’ve been on it before, so am really looking forward to doing it again, it’s a lot of fun.”

    This article was first published in Horse & Hound (15 October, ’09)

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