Anky reigns supreme at Olympia

  • Anky van Grunsven’s supremacy remained unquestioned as she took the Olympia London Horse Show world cup qualifier last night. Anky believes there is more to come from her Olympic, European and world cup winner Keltec Salinero.

    “I was very happy with his performance today, but I also know we can be better, which is a good feeling,” she said. “He was a bit nervous in the pirouette and the walk was ok but it could be better. It’s so much fun to know you’re not on the highest level yet.”

    Anky’s pupil Edward Gal was the bridesmaid again. He has been half a length behind his superstar trainer since last year’s Las Vegas final where he won the grand prix, but finished second to Anky in the kur.

    Edward produced an expressive test with Group 4 Securicor Lingh for 78.85%.
    “He felt really good in his extensions especially. He likes to go to the music,” said Edward, who rode to a trace compilation that had spectators in the balcony up and dancing. Edward had to improvise at the end of the test with some counter canter on a half ten-meter circle back to the centre line.

    “I did that especially because it was so difficult,” he laughed, explaining that he needed to come back to trot but the horse was being strong.

    Isabel Werth finished third for Germany riding the 18.2hh chestnut gelding Warum Nicht FRH. Isabell produced a more relaxed test in the freestyle to go ahead of Kyra Kyrklund and Imke Schellekens-Bartles, who had beaten her in the previous day’s grand prix.

    “He just made a little mistake in the first extension, but I am happy. It’s a great way to end the year,” said Isabell. “The atmosphere here is very special, but he didn’t mind it today. He had a lot of power, but he was also easy to ride.”

    Twenty-year-old national champion Laura Bechtolsheimer was best of the British finishing in sixth. Laura is on track to fulfil her aim of getting to the world cup final in Amsterdam next April, following a win in the Czech Republic and placing at Aarhus, Denmark.

    “I’m just so lucky to have such a great horse to do my first season of grand prix,” said Laura. “When we won in the Czech Republic it was outdoor, which was much easier. But we had no mistakes in the changes today, which can happen when we’re in an exciting atmosphere like this.”

    1. Keltec Salinero (A van Grunsven NED) 82.85%
    2. Group 4 Securicor Lingh (E Gal NED) 78.85%
    3. Warum Nicht (I Werth GER) 78.37%
    6. Douglas Dorsey (L Bechtolsheimer GBR) 73.92%
    8. Lancet (E Hindle GBR) 73.25%
    10. Lorenzo CH (W Channon GBR) 71.17%
    13. Rascher Hopes (E Faurie GBR) 70.32%
    15. Astonish (H Andersen GBR) 68.6%

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