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    Skin Deep is a moisturising and healing cream made from natural ingredients only. It is intended to help maintain good skin condition in both animals and humans. It has a slightly herbal aroma and is very good for dry and itchy patches of skin, scars, scuffs and abrasions.

    Made by nature our skin balm soothes, protects and heals. Useful as a dressing, a generous amount can be applied to the area prior to dressing it, or it can be put directly onto the dressing. There is no need to wash the area in between dressings.  Simply wipe / clean the area gently with suitable material and reapply another layer of Skin Deep, before putting on a new dressing. The beeswax and olive oil components are nourishing to the hoof and frog, whilst providing healing and protective elements.

    Other uses:
    Skin Deep can be applied regularly to the coronet band as a prophylactic where it helps to protect and keep the area healthy. It is naturally antibacterial and so is very helpful in cases of ‘summer’ mud issues, where it keeps the affected heel area supple. This helps prevent the scabs bleeding and provides a healing, protective layer. Skin Deep has a pleasant herbal aroma and is very soothing to the skin. Effective and healing for scuffs and abrasions too.

    NO preservatives or artificial colours.