Communicate easily with our pick of some of the best wireless rider to coach instruction systems

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  • Say goodbye to shouting instructions and the stress of straining to hear your trainer whether you are having a lesson, schooling or warming up at a competition with this great selection of rider to coach communication systems

    These wireless communication systems allow you to communicate easily with either your trainer or your client, whether you are having a lesson, schooling, in a clinic or warming up during a competition. The benefits of using these as a rider are so that you can receive clear instructions and don’t have to be in very close proximity of your trainer. The bonuses of using these as a trainer are so that you don’t have to shout and you get quick clear feedback from your pupil. When buying one of these systems, the best ones are compact, lightweight, easy to recharge and can be attached securely. Another thing to note is that a one-way conversation option has less lag time and often clearer sound compared to a two-way system, but many of these products have the option to do both.


    With the Ceecoach two to six participants can communicate with each other clearly for up to 500m using modern Bluetooth technology. They are easy to operate, have excellent sound and voice quality plus it allows either a one-way or a two-way conversation.
    RRP: from £239.99
    Visit: petworthequestrian.co.uk
    Buy now at amazon.co.uk

    Sound Riding 2-Way personal trainer system

    This small and lightweight system can be used for one-way or two-way conversation between trainer and rider for up to 15 hours within an optimal range of 100m. The trainer units have a separate microphone that can be clipped onto a lapel, while the rider units have an earpiece and also clip for the lapel. Conversations can be muted as required. Plus, by using the supplied audio lead plugged into the trainer’s mic, music can be played in the background while the rider and trainer talk over the top — ideal for dressage to music dressage training. This kit includes a USB battery charger, charger leads, audio lead and kit bag.
    RRP: £299 including delivery
    Visit: soundriding.com

    Sound Fields Equestrian wireless training system

    Another compact and lightweight wireless training system with an LCD display showing volume, remaining battery life and system status. The rechargeable battery allows more than 20 hours of continuous operation for receiver and 15 hours of continuous operation for the transmitter. This system offers reliable transmission, good digital sound quality and a USB rechargeable function.
    RRP: from £199
    Visit: soundfields.co.uk

    Wireless Home instruction system

    This maintenance-free wireless system for communication between coach (transmitter) and rider (receiver) ensures clear sound with no lag, in an area up to 300m. This system only allows a one-way conversation which guarantees no delays in voice transmission and a great, studio-quality sound.
    RRP: £224.10
    Visit: www.equishop.com

    Active Radio training

    This system can be used with multiple people, which is great for occasions like clinics. It is easy to use as all you need to do is simply select the channels you want to use and make sure both the trainer and the rider radio is the same. The trainer speaks into the microphone which is clipped onto their coat lapel and can coach up to six riders either privately or as a group. If the coach wants to speak to a  rider privately, they would simply select the channel the rider is using. The systems need two AA batteries and can be re-charged by the drop in charging system (extra cost) or by buying a simple battery re-charger separately.
    RRP: Trainer radios – £110, rider radios – £99
    Visit: activerider.co.uk

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