Coral Keen’s eventing blog: dramatic changes and new beginnings

  • Last weekend I drove some friends’ horses out to a showjumping competition at Oliva Nova in Spain. Luckily we just missed Storm Ciara and we were day dreaming on the way there of some much needed Spanish sunshine (although I flew home on Wednesday so it was only a fleeting visit!).

    It was a two-day trip and it gave me a lot of time to think through my 2020 year.

    During the 2019 season, things dramatically changed for me and I ended my long-standing relationship riding the Total horses. This was a difficult period for all involved and not the easiest of times.

    However, things change, and life moves on. You have to remain positive and think towards the next day, not behind you.

    It has been quite a different winter for me, not having the horses to get ready for eventing. However, I have used these months, to really take stock of where I am, what I want to do and the best plan for the future.

    Having been eventing full-time for the past decade (eek, where has the time gone?!), it has actually been really beneficial to take a bit of time away from the sport and to question what I want moving forwards.

    However, this reflection is now well and truly over — having briefly considered some different ideas, everything came back to the fact that I love working with horses. From competing at the very top level to breeding, breaking in and everything in-between — it is what I want and is what I am good at.

    With the two- and three-year-olds

    When I look back at my eventing career so far, I have had some wonderful memories with truly incredible horses. From Wellshead Fare Opposition climbing to the highest five-star level and three GB Nations Cup teams, to producing the first Total home-bred, Total Belief, successfully to advanced level and all the awesome journies with owners’ horses and young ones, that I have loved every moment of. I now need to re-build and make some more memories!

    With this in mind, I have decided to start an eventing business of my own from Wiltshire. There is a lot to consider and put in place, but I am truly ready for this next step. I am throwing the net far and wide to actively seek new rides.

    I have huge experience in every stage of producing competition horses and what I always place a big emphasis on is striking the right balance between being competitive and keeping the best interest of the horse at heart. I am open to all ideas and opportunities to get things off the ground, from ownership and syndicates to schooling and preparing horses for sale.

    Along with wanting to build a team of horses, I am also really keen to continue to build the coaching side of the business. I really enjoy helping riders with their horses and working out a way to get the best from both. Along with the training, I also like the mentoring side of things too — discussing goals, aims and season plans. My door will always be open to riders for training and advice, with the option to be based with me too.

    Continued below…

    So, there it is, my 2020 and beyond plan! As emphasised, I am really open to all ideas with my new business so please do get in touch if you would like to get involved in any way — I would love to hear from you (coralkeeneventing@hotmail.com).

    My Horse & Hound blog has been a big part of my eventing career so far, and I can’t wait to share the next chapter with you all.

    Until next time,

    C x

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