Chloe Chubb’s showing blog: When your dreams come true

  • So I know I often say in my blogs that I have been busy, but since my last blog I have competed at Olympia, been to New Zealand, had one pony broken and taken over a new business, so I think I really can warrant saying I have been busy!

    Olympia was yet again an amazing experience and everyone at Senior Showing and Dressage Ltd (SSADL) do such a great job at making the experience as smooth as possible.

    I was lucky enough this time to be able to finish work and head up to Olympia the day before, so after three hours of scrubbing Jacob we were finally on our way.

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    To my surprise Jacob actually settled straight in and didn’t attempt to do any wall climbing of his stable. After a quick watch of the Puissance and a pretty restless night’s sleep (because of the usual nightmares — missing the class, pony being lame, unable to get into the ring etc) we headed down to Olympia to take Jacob into the warm-up.

    As we arrived, Jacob’s breeder Justin and Heidi arrived with their little boy Austin, so we headed to the stables to do a coat and weight inspection and a quick bit of tail cutting.

    Jacob worked in well and luckily for me because he is a pretty idle pony I didn’t have to do too much keeping his sweating to a minimum.

    It was strange being second class in this time and I felt like I had ages to wait although as usual mum was stressing I would be late and I was doing my best to be late.

    We arrived into the collecting ring just in time to hear that my friend Christina and her gorgeous Fell Pookie be called forward as the winner of the in-hand section. It was great to hear the huge cheer she got from behind the scenes and it really got the adrenaline going.

    As Jacob was the smallest in the class I had to go in last which wasn’t the most pleasing to him as he always thinks he is getting left behind!

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    Thankfully he kept himself together and we entered the ring — a dream come true to finally ride there on my best boy!

    After a good intial go round we lined up and were first to do our in-hand show, the easy bit for Jacob. Then it was just the wait for our show. Everything had gone so well I didn’t know how the judges would be able to pick. As we went out to do our show Jacob felt quite responsive; thankfully he hadnt fallen asleep and we pulled off a fairly nice show. We did however have a cough going into our second canter and I did wonder if we would get penalised for this.

    As we waited anxiously for the results I looked down the line again at all the amazing horses and felt so proud to be there and especially proud that Jacob was the only Mountain & Moorland (M&M) to qualify in the ridden class. Wherever we came at least we could claim the top M&M spot!

    Chloe Chubb Olympia

    As usual the results were called in reverse order and when we made the top six I was thrilled. We were then called forward into fourth — what a brilliant result. Jacob and I had done it, we had finally got to Olympia and finally competed in that ring. We also even came home with a fourth rosette!

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    As always dreams are never achieved alone and I want to thank everyone who came to support Jacob and I and who has supported us over the many years. But my main thanks go to Jacob and my mum. Jacob for always entertaining me, not always giving his best but showing me that it really doesn’t matter we love him anyway and my mum for her endless support, rug changing abilities and for climbing back on the horse (or in this case pony) after 15 years to help me keep him going while I was at work. Let’s hope we get to do it again one day.

    Aside from Olympia, New Zealand and taking on a new business I have also been cracking on with the novices. More on them next time.


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