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  • When I used to think of what a brand ambassador was, I’d think of them as a top professional speaking about the integrity of a product that helped them win at the Olympics, or of glamorous people looking gorgeous in the latest riding wear on even more glamorous photoshoots.

    I never thought I fitted into either of those categories and I always wondered if being a brand ambassador was something I would ever get to do.

    But I have come to realise, everybody fits somewhere. There is something for everyone. I think the trick is knowing what you want. It’s no easy trick.

    When I sat down a little while ago and decided I would like to work with some brands, I made a list of the things that were important to me. Not only from a horse care perspective, but also from a personal perspective.

    I felt really strongly about supporting British-based brands and, in particular, small business. I came across Lord and Lady Equestrian and fell in love with their competition wear. It ticked all the boxes for me. British owned and manufactured as well being designed for all shapes and sizes. As fate would have it, Lord and Lady put out a call for ambassadors, I applied and was selected. Now I get to wear their products that I feel really comfortable in, which means I have no trouble recommending and publicising them across my social media platforms. In fact, it makes me feel good to know that in doing that, I might be helping boost the brand in some way. The added bonus is that it might also help others discover a product that ticks boxes for them too.

    Nothing is more important to me than my horses’ welfare and I took the time during lockdown to have a rethink of their diets. I think most horse owners get sweaty palms and nightmares at the idea of switching feed, so I deliberated with caution.

    Having a feed sponsor seemed like a dream but I was also really reluctant just to take free or discounted product if it turned my horses into explosive, unbearable poo machines.

    This was where the support offered became so much more important than the deal. My representative from GAIN has assessed each horse on my yard — age, condition, workload and temperament. His knowledge of nutrition is first rate. He organised the best possible arrangement with a local supplier and we agreed to test it all slowly, and the transformation has been outstanding. I can happily recommend the product now, because I truly believe it could benefit others — which is what I think being a brand ambassador is all about.

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    Something else I am passionate about is sustainability. I aim to use environmentally sound products and be as kind to the environment as I can, on the yard and in daily life. That’s why I love working Honest Riders — their clothing is ethically made and the horse products are environmentally friendly. All through July, Honest Riders is running a sustainability challenge. I can’t wait to take it on. Check it out on their social media channels and join in with me. We can do little things, as a collective, to make a big difference.


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