Helen Masters

Expert canine contributor

Helen has 20 years’ experience in dog training and behaviour, and runs Masterclass Dog Training, which offers training and rehabilitation to all kinds of dogs in Kent. She is a Kennel Club Accredited Trainer, and has a wide range of canine and animal qualifications and affiliations, including with the British Institute of Professional Dog TrainersInternational Association of Animal Behaviour ConsultantsCambridge Institute of Dog Behaviour and Training and Pet Industry Federation.

Helen specialises in aggressive behaviour, which can range from fearful and anxious dogs, to dogs that feel they need to kill anything in their way. She has featured as an independent expert on BBC News, on TV and radio, and has filmed with “Supervet” Noel Fitzpatrick.

Also a keen horsewoman, Helen particularly enjoys showjumping and cross-country. She has two horses, Brute and Murphy, and two Shetland ponies, who live on her farm at home along with her dogs and chickens.