Young rider special: the real costs of affiliated competition

  • British Eventing
    Pony Club riders can compete in an unlimited number of the new BE Pony Club classes on £10 day tickets. The day tickets for non-Pony Club classes at BE90, BE100 and novice cost £16 and are limited to four rider tickets per year. Should a Pony Club member wish to become a full BE member, the cost is £140. BE is developing an under-18 range of clothing to give members a feeling of being part of a club. Entry fees for a BE80(T), BE80PC(T) or BE90PC class are £61.90, plus start fee (up to £15). Entry fees for non-PC classes without prize-money are £62.28, or £75.82 for novice, plus the start fee.
    For more details, visit www.britisheventing.com.

    British Showjumping
    Discounted membership and package deals for Pony Club members, including a pony package of £52 (for pony, child and parent/guardian) in the first year (a saving of £54) and £65 in their second year; and pony associate membership for children aged 12-16 years on horses, for £99 in year one (a saving of £71 minimum) and £114 in year two.
    For more details, visit www.britishshowjumping.co.uk.

    British Dressage
    Pony Club British Dressage membership costs £20 and offers members access to regional BYRDS (U25s) training, camps, socials and regional/inter-regional competitions, free copies of British Dressage magazine and access to members’ areas of the society’s website. Members can compete in affiliated preliminary and preliminary freestyle classes and can qualify for BD Championships and area festivals. The average cost of entry fees is £15-£18.
    For more details, visit www.britishdressage.co.uk.

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