WOODLAND PYTCHLEYDingley, Saturday, 15 April (Good Good to Soft in places)

904. Dodson & Horrell PPORA Club Members (Nov Rdrs) 6yo+, 12st

1 Nokimover (Scallywag) (Caroline Bailey) A Vaughan-Jones
2 Killarney Prince (IRE) (Joanna Mann), fav P Mann
3 State Medlar (Simon Moreton) S Moreton

Also: Ungaretti (GER) (4), El Lute (IRE) (5), Noble Affair (6), 7a, Gangster (7), Parsonhumfrywebber (8), Three Spires (9), Society Scandal (IRE) (0), I’ve No Say (IRE) (0), 16ow, Macfin (IRE) (0), Lancastriansspring (pu), 7a. 13 ran. 10l, 15l, 4l, 6l, s.h, 6l, 4l, 8l, 3l, 3l, 1l. 6min 25.7s. SP: 5-2. (West Norfolk).

905. Confined, 12st

1 Teeton Glaive (Broadsword (USA)) (Sylvia Edmunds), 3x, 7a, jfav S Morris
2 Wonder Weasel (IRE) (Alice Vaughan-Jones) A Vaughan-Jones
3 True Friday (Malcolm Arthers), 7a, jfav R Armson

Also: Letsgeton (4), 7a, Shiny Bay (IRE) (5), Ardmayle (IRE) (6), Bengal Boy (pu). 7 ran. 8l, 1l, 20l, 11/2l, 5l. 6min 28.9s. SP: 6-4. (Grafton).

906. Confined Maiden, 12st

1 Saundby Swordsman (Broadsword (USA)) (Antonia Bealby) M Briggs
2 Regal Custom (Magaret Wrathall) S Morris
3 French Bey (IRE) (Laura Pomfret), 7a N Pearce

Also: Mister Bertolli (IRE) (4), 7a, Johnny Venture (IRE) (5), Bobbin (f), fav, Teeton Cavalier (pu), The Good Faerie (pu), 7a. 8 ran. 7l, 5l, 6l, 8l. 6min 39.7s. SP: 7-2. (Belvoir).

907. Mens Open, 12st

1 Persian Hero (IRE) (Persian Mews) (Caroline Bailey), fav J Russell
2 Jacquemart Colombe (FR) (Susan Busby), 7x G Wright

Also: Colonel Carats (ur). 3 ran. 20l. 6min 36.8s. SP: 1-4. (Pytchley).

908. Restricted, 12st

1 Donald Will Do (IRE) (Zaffaran (USA)) (Caroline Bailey), fav R Cope
2 Don’t Be Greedy (IRE) (Kathleen Day) J Day
3 Hilltop Harry (IRE) (Anne Connell) J Newbold

Also: Sunyblaze (4), Teeton Diamond (5), 7a, Justalfred (IRE) (6), Libido (pu). 7 ran. hd, 21/2l, 4l, 1l, 20l. 6min 39.8s. SP: 6-4. (Pytchley).

909. Open Maiden (Div 1) 56&7yo, 2m4f 12st

1 True Legend (Midnight Legend) (Caroline Bailey), fav R Cope
2 Monalease (Bill Warner), 7a S Morris
2 Pride of The Oaks (Gary Sanderson), 7a M Briggs

Also: Will Steane (4), Merrimac (FR) (5), Springwood Lady (6), 7a, Pollover (7), 14a, Beauchamp Quest (pu), Little Trethew (pu), 7a. 9 ran. 21/2l, d.h, 4l, 10l, 5l, 12l. 5min 47.1s. SP: 4-5. (Pytchley).

910. Open Maiden (Div 2) 56&7yo, 2m4f 12st

1 Teeton Swansong (Broadsword (USA)) (Jenny Garley), 7a, fav N Pearce
2 Pocket Tiger (IRE) (Fred Hutsby), 7a F Hutsby
3 Ashgrove (IRE) (Sam Hodge) J Docker

Also: Holle Berry (4), 7a, The Painkiller (IRE) (5), 7a, Scattered Scarlet (FR) (6), Cash ‘n Carrots (7), Alfloratta (pu), 14a, Theme Park (pu). 9 ran. 21/2l, 8l, hd, nk, 6l, 8l. 5min 49.1s. SP: 5-2. (Pytchley).