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  • CARONJOY Hants, 29 March

    ridden hunters (J Phillips) nov 1, N Moon’s Sam Brown; 2, H Bazell’s Warrior III; 3, M Bassett’s King Alfred. sml 1, Mr & Mrs Andrews’s Overdrive II; 2, N Brown’s Kensington; 3, K Ledger’s Raunds Woodstock. open 1 & ch, Bailey’s Horse Feeds’ Baileys Pukka Tukka; 2, J Scriven’s Tailor Made; 3, S Topham’s Charleston Bay. amateur 1 & res, N Moon’s Otterbourne; 2, G Hill’s Milady; 3, J Norman’s Joe Keogh. RH nov 1 & res, S Holliday’s Tiger Balm; 2, R Watson’s Katie; 3, R Tavender’s Autumn Breeze. sml 1, S Cuff’s Double Take Again. do lge 1 & ch, V Stanton’s Beau Geste; 2, L Buton-Taylor’s Dragonfly; 3, J Stephenson’s PPS. cobs (J La Four) nov 1, Bailey’s Horse Feeds’ Gemini; 2, L Richardson’s Gandalf II; 3, K Tarn’s Harry Potter Esq.l’wgt RIHS Q 1 & res, Bailey’s Horse Feeds’ Callisto; 2, D Morse’s Tina Healy; 3, A Hance’s Rich Champion. do h’wgt 1 & ch, Bailey’s Horse Feeds’ Krypton; 2, Osborne Refrigerators Lexington; 3, S Holliday’s Betelguese. amateur1, Betelguese; 2, Rich Champion; 3, Tina Healy. British sports horse y’stk 1, L Taylor’s Dougal; 2, S Brotherton’s Diamond Diozenor; 3, J Hillier’s Play That Jazz. 4-y-o 1 & ch, Mr D Boyce’s Centyfield Ben Hur; 2 & res, Levi-Tilley & Varlet’s Roscars Royal Eclipse; 3, N Howard’s Tynefield Charlotte. Cherif part-bred/Anglo Arab (S Holliday) 153cms 1 & ch, T Wallace’s Ninfield Lady Mink; 2, V Smith’s Marchemanor Red Alert; 3, B Shiers’s Khassitas Midnight Miss. exc 153cms 1 & res, P Russell-Wood’s Whitehouse Chorister; 2, P Allpress’s Wolvers Heritage; 3, L Smart’s Fernedge Debonaire. Arab 1, G Rees’s Valeta Madrigal; 2, S Tapsell’s Sky Comet; 3, S Zebedee’s Aurijm. competition horse y’stk 1 & res,S Brotherton’s Diamond Diozenor; 2, N Baker’s Jazzy Opposition; 3, M Mills’s Mark Atto. do 4-y-o 1 & ch, Centyfield Ben Hur; 2, Roscars Royal Eclipse; 3, Katie. ridden hacks (K Davis) nov 1 & ch, A Wimborne’s Opium; 2, C Chubb’s Frithhouse Master Mat; 3, K Jones’s Saints Hearts Desire. open 1 & res, T Baldwin’s Silent Words; 2, Whitehouse Chorister; 3, A Lance’s Ambershire Chatsworth. hack/RH 4-y-o 1, Roscars Royal Eclipse; 2, L Southall’s Sandby Seville; 3, M Morgan’s Margo. nov LR 1, V Mardon’s Ronswood Gamble; 2, D Easton’s Waitwith Dream Catcher; 3, C Boyles’s A Winters Tale. do FR 1, T Prebensen’s Raemore Hoity Toity; 2, G Sands’s Ravensquest; 3, T Markham’s Twiggy. PC type sml 1 & ch, K Markham’s Daisy; 2, C Langston’s Parcybedw Flash; 3, C Terrell’s Gem. do lge 1 & res, V Spicer’s Chinnor Bessie; 2, Miss R Randall’s Kashman Joe; 3, L Ware’s Eddie. pony pairs 1, J Kennard & G Sands. RH nov 1 & ch, Chinnor Bessie; 2, J Purchase’s Tovas Talisman; 3, L Drust’s Golden Charisma. do open 1 & res, D Bachus Humble Pie; 2, Autumn Breeze; 3, M Wills’s Droopy. BSPS Heritage M&M RIHS Q (S Phelan) LR 1, M Breach’s Lady Eleanor; 2, E Smith’s Uffington Elvis; 3, D Barr’s Lacy Targed. do FR 1, J Minns’s Glenwood Caradog; 2, J Moyers’s Morwyn Bronze Heir; 3, G Taverner’s Collyers Pear Bracket. open sml 1 & ch, Glenwood Caradog; 2, B Moore’s Vardra Sirius; 3, L Frith’s Maxwelltown Misty Flight. Welsh sec B&C 1 & res, S Amor’s Grassmere Nutmeg; 2, Mrs Collins’s Gruel Tigeroo; 3, L Mewes’s Waxwing Rannock. lge 1, H Somerset’s Falfield Honey Bear; 2, A Hoare’s Kentchurch Mirth; 3, D Pickering’s Naidh Welsh Dragon. nov WHP M&M sml 1, Mrs Mitrano’s Pentyrch Orange Pip; 2, G White’s Bluebury High Spirits; 3, S Darlington’s Mardon Merlyn. do lge 1, E Hughes’s Mossman Of Kuranda; 2, S Hayward’s Merrie Martine; 3, Parcybedw Flash. open WHP M&M sml1 & ch, G Ryder-Phillips’s Harwel Wizard; 2, H Prebensen’s Millay Sovereigns Pride; 3, Pentyrch Orange Pip. do lge 1 & res, Unlisted; 2, A Berryman-Horne’s Peasdown Perfect Rosanna; 3, Unlisted. nov WHP 1, E Blount’s Penryn Viscount;2, Eddie; 3, K Gorman’s Cashwins Boy. NS 1 & ch, N Prebensen’s Brockham Royal Vagabond; 2, Penryn Viscount; 3, Millay Sovereign’s Pride. open 1 & res, V Lacey’s Splash Of Colour III; 2, C Launder’s Burley Gossip; 3, unlisted. WH (J Cooper) nov 1 & ch, Beau Geste; 2, Tailor Made; 3, J Scriven’s Orlands Princess. Cob 1 & res, L Gamlin’s Fingerprint; 2, Rich Champion; 3, K Kelk’s Hugo. sml 1, Hugo; 2, B Morrison’s Ben Alpha; 3, B Hale’s Kello Kirk. do lge 1, Mrs Cropp’s Argy Bargy; 2, J Strange’s Rath Call; 3, Ms H James’s Harry. nov £25 1, Joe Keogh; 2, J Stephenson’s Rocko; 3, D Lethbridge’s Wait N See. M&M (A Robertson) y’lng 1, V Lynton’s Santon Solitaire. 4-y-o 1 & ch, C Ross-Thomson’s Dunkery Fieldfare; 2, J Kennard’s Wilby Solo; 3, P Wells’s Ross Carlo. ridden 1 & res, W Cobden’s Meonbury Marcus; 2, B Snelling’s Tamarvale Barnabus; 3, Dunkery Fieldfare. NPS M&M sml 1 & res, Dunkery Fieldfare; 2, K Harris’s Moelgarnedd Cadfridog; 3, J Smith’s Barkla Royal Heir. lge 1 & ch, Falfield Honey Bear; 2, R Holt’s Winmark Maisie; 3, J Cuming’s Janton Merry Maid. NPS M&M ridden sml 1 & res, Lady Eleanor; 2, Mardon Merlyn; 3, Dunkery Fieldfare.lge 1 & ch, Falfield Honey Bear; 2, N Rigby’s Broughton Last Express; 3, L Rayfield’s Blaengwen Sion Aleo. RP/HP breeding 4-y-o 1, D Spalding’s Capital Don; 2, N Ridout’s Foxfield Firefly; 3, A Marsh’s Calla Metal. BSPS LR 1, H Stonehouse’s Islyn Alaw Mai; 2, J Hawkins’s Haysford Fairy Story; 3, K Brar’s Barkway Prince Charming. FR 1, A Marline’s Seasons Victory; 2, L David’s Rillaton Sweet Talk; 3, Raemore Hoity Toity. nov mixed height 1, A Fry’s Thirkleby Holly Blue; 2 & 3, Team Jago’s Bradmore Faberge & Radway All Talk. 128cms 1, C Davey’s Ninfield Pips Pride; 2, L Channel’s Lysands Valentini; 3, C Royce’s Rosemoor Regal Touch. 138cms 1, A Love’s Sherraton Georgette; 2 & res, Ninfield Lady Mink; 3, L Dixey’s Kurons Peter Rabbit. 148cms 1 & ch, Team Jago’s Rotherwood Flight Of Fancy; 2, Mr & Mrs Coates’s Whalton High Jinks; 3, J Thomson’s Crochallan Ltd Edition. CHAPS BSPA (T Wareham) open 1, Centyfield Ben Hur; 2, MTarrant’s Merrymaide Of Honour; 3, A Eldridge’s Greenhills Folly. best colour 1 & res, Mr & Mrs Feest’s Toyhorse Hey Presto; 2, D Bailey’s Painted Wizard; 3, Centyfield Ben Hur. ridden 1 & ch, S Rowley’s Copyright; 2, S Hislam’s Fiddlers Flight Of Fancy; 3, S Buchanan-Jackson’s Ulverscroft Cappacino. pairs ridden 1, L Harding’s Blue Belle & M Keen’s Sandby Jasmine. RC type sml 1, Autumn Breeze; 2, B Mills’s Moppy; 3, E Carlin’s Mellin Marcus. lge 1 & ch, PPS; 2 & res, Sandby Jasmine; 3, G Hill’s Milady. spotted pony open 1 & ch, Capital Don; 2, B Taylor’s Broomells Desert Miracle; 3, Stanley & House’s Toyhorse Dande Flyer. light horse 1, Katie. Arab breeding (B Cary) mixed nov 1, E Bush’s Salsifis; 2, D Mitchell’s Ali G; 3, Mrs Mortimer’s Iharli. mixed y’lng 1 & res, Ali G; 2, Salsifis. pure-bred 4-y-o 1, Sky Comet; 2, Aurijm; 3, R Napier’s Geeves. 2/3-y-o 1, S Clyma’s Gladiator; 2, S Coombs’s Eastworth Harri; 3, V Huddleston’s Equador. Anglo Arab/part-bred 4-y-o 1 & ch, M Burr’s Toy Story. BSPS SHP (J Lewis) nov mixed 1, Ryder-Phillips’s Mooncoin; 2, L Robertson’s Elwell Master Phoenix; 3, A Fry’s Yealand Othello. 122cms 1 & res, L Robertson’s Warleigh Wishful Thinking; 2, A Digby’s Oakley Springs Funs Dought. 133cms 1 & ch, Mooncoin; 2, A Wimbourn’s Fylde Majestic Tia Maria; 3, Mr & Mrs Andrews’s Glenallen Harmony. BSPS ISRT 1, Whitehouse Chorister; 2, Frith House Master Mat; 3, G Richards’s Washbrook Regal Charm. BSPS ISHT 1, Overdrive II; 2, J Stephenson’s Raunds Woodstock; 3, A Remmen’s Highland Dance. pony/rider 153cms 1, S Wright’s Pomprend Dia Dando; 2, A Smith’s Ellyn Delyn; 3, E Smith’s Bellini. 138cms 1 & ch, W Tarrant’s Lippens Nightjar; 2, Daisy; 3, Ellyn Delyn. LR 1 & res, Waithwith Dream Catcher; 2, A Winters Tale; 3, G Heeney’s Twiggy. side saddle (J Bryers) open 1 & ch, S Hislam’s Joli Chinoise; 2,E Pritchard’s Lornty Glen Scarba; 3, K Botting’s Bean There Done That. RC horse/pony 1, Rath Call; 2, Bean There Done That; 3, G Swann’s Blue Gem. best horse/pony 1, Joli La Chinoise; 2, E Kampa’s Late Expectations; 3, R Johnson’s Gilboa Rhys. Concours D’Elegance 1, Joli La Chinoise; 2, A Hooten’s Regency Belle; 3, Bean There Done That. Style & Performance 1 & res, Bean There Done That; 2, Gilboa Rhys; 3, Jolie La Chinoise. best rider LR 1 & res, M Kirby; 2,G Langston; 3, J Hawkings. FR 1 & ch, G Langston; 2, S Gorman; 3, unlisted. 9-12yrs 1, F McBain; 2, W Tarrant; 3, C Langston. 13yrs 1, unlisted; 2, M Kelling; 3, J Kennard. Welsh (D Baker) sec A&B 1 & ch, V Mardon’s Blanche Midas; 2, J Cuming’s Blackhill Bobby; 3, A Jennell’s Fairmont Ebony Sky. y’stk 1 & res, S Butler’s Gigman’s Saphire; 2, J Curtis’s Kingsmead Painted Lady; 3, S Butler’s Rosegreen Blue Adante. M&M nov ridden sml 1 & res, E Royce’s Hunters Royal Orchid; 2, Mrs Welchman’s Southwaite Cover Girl; 3, G Fell’s Windleway Liberty Bell. lge 1 & ch, Broughton Captivation; 2, Ellyn Dellyn; 3, Naidh Welsh Dragon. open sml 1 & ch, R Harris’s Moelgarnedd Cadridog; 2 & res, Hunters Royal Orchid; 3, G May’s Pennway Olympic Spirit. lge 1, Ellyn Dellyn; 2, L Oakley’s Starcrest Echo; 3, N Sloper’s Binny’s Boy.

    NPS AREA 13, Keysoe, 30 March

    NPS Novice M&M WHP (G Evans) 122cm 1, C Thorpe’s Wilby Victoria Plum; 2, J Staveley’s Barnell Adonis; 3, S Gee’s Maestir Mood Indigo. 138cm 1, & Res D Chadwick’s Severnvale Hector; 2, J Waterhouse’s Northlight Madonna; 3, S Skier’s Davdor Alyn. Exc 138cm 1,& Chp K Lloyd’s Drumban Sergeant Pepper; 2, T North’s Gevaudan; 3, S Davies & S Smith’s Ponts Green Cameron. NPS Open M&M WHP (HOYS) (J Custerson) 122cm 1, & Res S Everest’s Wynhill Seamus; 2, S Albison’s Gwynrhosen Cellidh 3, W Watherston Crugmelyn Tincer Bach. 138cm 1, & Chp A Newsham’s Arenshoeves Firefly; 2, R Platt’s Rhosen Matisse; 3, K Pitcher Polaris Gallent Lad. Exc 138cm 1, C Thompson’s Westacre Tom Thumb; 2, S Underhill’s Wensum Parsley; 3, M Salter’s Musketeer. PUK Horselode M&M WHP (J Etheridge) 1, A Macnab’s Croxton Portia; 2, J Cook’s Snowbrook Snipe; 3, A Howard’s Corstan Miranda. Open M&M in hand (J Hailes) Adult sm 1, Glanhayl Stud’s Hawling Galaxy; 2, D Spear’s Marvel of Mawbray; 3, W Hellyes’ Colliyers Bard. Adult lg 1, & Chp J Cook’s Millfields Sportsman; 2, J Rose’s Murdock of Sunnyneuk; 3, S Adams’ Tudor Jake. Youngstock 1, & Res J Roger’s Weydown Goldleaf; 2, R Hobb’s Beaconsfield Morning Glory; 3, J Cooke’s Kallisterlodge Legacy. Con Nov M&M In-hand adult 1, P Hannah’s Calerux Rosebud; 2, D Spear’s Birchcroft Jazzman; 3, S Adam’s Tudor Jake. Con Nov M&M In-hand Youngstock 1, H Pottle’s Monksfield Quartz; 2, Glanhayl Stud’s Moorcroft Carousel; 3, J Wales’ Springlane Prosperity. Competition Horse/Pony (J Hailes) 1, J Glass’ Wolds Woodcock; 2, L Few’s Clonabeera Morning Sun; 3, Mrs Durrant’s Corseford Topaz. Novice 1, Mrs Durrant’s Corseford Topaz; 2, A Macnab’s Croxton Portia; 3, J Glass’ Wolds Woodcock. NPS Open Ridden M&M (J Etheridge) Large 1, & Res B Bingham’s Millgrove Tayberry; 2, T Hart’s Glynwyn Personality; 3, J Denny’s & Glantifi Stud’s Ochrdewi Twysog. Small 1 & Supreme Ch, Ch & Silver Medal Qual, F Harrison’s Shilstone Rocks Snowfox; 2, C Smalley’s Wortley Wild Jasmin; 3, S Flynn’s Brynoffa Dancer. NPS M&M LR (J Paterson) 1, C Smalley’s & D Hinde’s Pumphill Betony; 2, Barugh Family’s Buzchmoor Apollo; 3, Mrs Short’s Dyfre Sheer Elegance. FR 1 & mini ch, K Marriott’s Shilstone Rocks Ruahni. 2 & res mini ch, C Thorpe’s Wilby Victoria Plum; 3, C Gulliver Wyndyate Anouska. Con Nov M&M LR (D Aylmer Aylmore) 1, Mrs Short’s Dyfre Sheer Elegance; 2, D Wales’ Ladywell Minstrel; C Mills’ Springbank Stormcloud. FR 1, C Thorpe’s Wilby Victoria Plum; 2, C Mills’ Springbank Stormcloud; 3, Mrs Newton Colliyers Mollycoddle. Con Nov M&M Ridden (J Etheridge) 1, T North’s Gevaudan; 2, V Compton’s Irish Atlantic Comedee; 3, Glanhayl Stud’s Rangeview Romance. part-bred Ridden (J Etheridge) 1, Mrs B & Miss S Loveridge’s Sedgelands Song of the Sea; 2, J Beaty Lemington Cliquot; 3, Mrs Oliver’s Hilin Rosebud. Con Nov Show Hunter Ridden 1, S Mendoza’s Peter Rabbit; 2, Mrs Oliver’s Hilin Rosebud. 3, C Murray’s Starting General. Con Nov SP Ridden 1, S Mendoza’s Wildernes Posy; 2, G Campion’s Bluestone Sequin; 3, S Danby’s Klykeen Kale. NPS Novice M&M Ridden (G Evans) Conn/NF 1, & Res Supreme Novice, M Igoe & N McCardle’s Kippure Cathal; 2, J Edward’s Arran Andy; 3, J Cook’s Millfields Sonnet. Dales/Fells/Highlands/Welsh D 1, Res Supreme & Supreme Novice, D Chadwick’s Severnvale Hector; 2, D Spear’s Birchcroft Jazzman; 3, S Davies & S Smith’s Ponts Green Cameron. Welsh B/C 1, J Waterhouse’s Northlight Madonna; 2, R Gratton’s Ryanwyn Theoden; 3, G Aldred’s Glantraeth Llewelyn. Exmoor/Shetland/Welsh A 1, J Barton Whinberry Florin; 2, MBurnett Stowbrook Jenny Wren; 3, F Hall’s Coed-y-wern Draen Duon.

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