OSBORNE REFRIGERATORS CHAMPIONSHIPS Burghley House, Lincolnshire, 10 September

(C Dale-Leech, M Winn, C Benford) single Hackney type 1 & res sup, J Vyse’s Glenshane Playboy (M Vyse); 2 & sup, G MacDonald’s Woodside Ringleader (J Dudley-Apicella); 3, J Clayden’s Glenshane Prince. single non-Hackney over 13.2hh 1, C & A Rushton-Green’s Michael (A Rushton-Green); 2, C Green’s Cwmduad Chess’s Last; 3, T Ford’s Celtic Shades. single non-Hackney 13.2hh & under 1, A Staniland’s Starlyte Little Trojan; 2, M Musson’s Ainsty Mayfair; 3, D Charlesworth’s Starting General. single country turnout 1, M & N Fuller’s Annod Zola (M Fuller); 2, R Page’s Grayswood Bucks Fizz; 3, J MacIntosh’s Navestock Henry. single reg Welsh sec D 1, V Francis’s Felinfach Tory Boy; 2, G F Forgan’s Boleyn Clarence; 3, G H Blake’s Glanvyrnwy Prince Of Wales. exercise vehicles 1, K Harvey’s Just My Ted; 2, R Howitt’s Thorndon Park Telynor (R Webb); 3, J Stretton & L Cotterill’s Craignant Satellite. young driver 1, D Simpson’s Crackerjack (R Simpson); 2, D & G Pritchard’s Nourleach Roulette (A Pritchard); 3, T W Allison’s Royal Blue (P Stubbs). Welsh section A/B/C 1, M & E Edmonds’s Synod Guard (E Edmonds); 2, C Sadler’s Gellihaf Heulfryn (A Sadler); 3, C Green’s Verdrefawr Starlight. m&m 1, K Rudge’s Murthwaite Michael; 2, P & C Bassett’s Ialluinn Na Dialach (C Bassett); 3, V Hampton’s Northcousburgh Carlas. pairs and tandems 1, J Clough’s Gwynfaes Sion & Glantraeth Peter The Great; 2, M & A Kesans’s Talis & Poike (M Kesans); 3, Mr & Mrs Snowdon’s Gometra Halyard & Rex Of Larkrise. two-wheeled light trade 1, W T McDermott’s Colonel Tom; 2, T Thomas’s Sunbeam The Guvnor; 3, T Burgess’s Cledlyn Sam. costers 1 & res, C Fountain’s Regency Rocky Boy; 2, M Burgess’s Mitchel Troy King Flyer; 3, C Gregory’s Norman Stanley Fletcher. four-wheel light trade 1 & ch, S A Harris’s Major & Earl (P Gibson); 2, J Wallker’s Goytre Firefly; 3, Talis & Poike. Carriagehouse Insurance Concours D’Elegance 1, Annod Zola; 2, G Marks’s Neneside Sir Benson; 3, Crackerjack.