Man taken to hospital after being bitten by a “ZeDonk”

  • A zebra-donkey hybrid from Spring Lake, Florida, will spend the next 14 days in quarantine after biting a man on the leg
    The hybrid, known as ZeDonk, bit zoo employee James Oleson, 34, while he was painting a fence near the animal’s enclosure at Boyett’s Grove on Monday (19 October).
    ZeDonk pushed his head under the fence where James, the son of Boyett’s owners, was working and bit him on the foot before knocking him over. He contunied to bite him on the legs, until James’s mother, co-owner Kathy Oleson, came to the rescue.
    Luckily James was not seriously hurt, just left a slightly shaken, and was taken to hospital where he was given a tetanus injection.

    “There were no stitches, just some cuts and bruises,” Kathy Oleson told local press.
    Boyett Grove has never before had a problem with ZeDonk, who is the same size as a small horse.

    Mrs Oleson added: “He’s generally been agreeable. We don’t know what got into him but you never know with animals”. 

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