H&H advent calendar: 12 December

  • Welcome to day 12 of Horse & Hound’s advent calendar. Today’s special offer is save 10% when buying a pair of Carl Hester Fantastic Elastic reins during December

    Carl Hester Fantastic Elastic reins

    Top British dressage rider Carl Hester developed the Fantastic Elastic rein to eliminate resistance and encourage the horse to take a soft rein contact. It is made from top quality British leather and is hand stitched with a short piece of strong elastic inserted in to the rein close to the bit (see picture below).

    Fantastic Elastic reins are available as plain leather, half leather/half rubber or with full rubber grips and retail from £60. In this special offer you can save 10%. The reins are available in brown and black and in pony and horse lengths.

    Suitable for all disciplines, the rein produces a better feel between horse and rider thanks to the elastic insert. Benefits include:

    • the elimination of resistance
    • helps maintain still hands
    • relieves tension in the shoulders
    • encourages softness and elasticity
    • helps develop a steady contact

    Buy Carl Hester Fantastic Elastic Reins and save 10%

    Enter code ‘HHX’ at the checkout and receive 10% discount on any order placed during December.

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