Great Yorkshire showing results, 8-10 July

  • GREAT YORKSHIRE, Harrogate, 8-10 July
    Cleveland bay (C Green) y’ling.— 1 & ch, D Welch’s Knaresborough Moondust; 2, Mr & Mrs N Cowgill’s High Pasture Selina; 3, S Blackman’s Burfield Blackthorn. 2-y-o.— 1, D Welch’s Knaresborough Moonlight; 2, T Booth’s Blackclough Kilclara. 3-y-o.— 1, J Firth’s Barbarian Buccaneer; 2, H Ketley’s Kirkmoor Elderberry Flower; 3, S Shepherd’s Gallihowe Mighty Merlin. mare.— 1 & res, H Ketley’s Kirkmoor Primrose Flower; 2, S Pullan’s Knaresborough Moonbeam; 3, K Wylie’s Aderlaides Dancing Matilda. foal.— 1, K Wylie; 2, M Brown. part-bred, y’ling.— 1, S Blackman’s Burfield Skylark; 2, J Moore’s Jemoon Tambourine Man; 3, H Ketley’s Kirkmoor Golden Fox. 2/3-y-o.— 1 & ch, H Ketley’s Kirkmoor Mountain View; 2 & res, J Preston’s Barbarian Cusco; 3, S Goddard’s Highmoor Showtime. foal.— 1, J Moore’s Jemoon Private Dancer; 2, Mr & Mrs N Cowgill; 3, J Moore’s Jemoon High Society. coloured in-hand (Ms K McTiffin) native/trad, exc 148cm, y’stk.— 1, K Farmer’s Jack The Lad; 2, A Sands’ Briardale Camilla; 3, L Procter’s Raven. 148cm.— 1, Mr & Mrs D Perrins’ Degla Blossom Time; 2, G Chippendale’s Lammerside Mr Darcy; 3, C Hincks’ The Real Chinook. non-native, y’stk, exc 153cm.— 1 & ch, W Simpson’s Pennbretti Presence; 2, J Karwl’s Pilot; 3, A Hunter’s Rogue Trader. 153cm.— 1 & res, L Carpenter’s Chiddock Sky Light; 2, C Merrigan’s Merrigan’s Class Act; 3, P Motram’s Shellbrook Harley Rebel. ridden (S Somers, Mrs R Bown) native/trad, exc 148cm.— 1, J McTiffin’s Mr Morrow; 2, T Winfield’s Pebbly Samuria; 3, T Shepherd’s All The Colours. do, 148cm.— 1 & res, K Talbot’s The Pied Piper; 2, S Harrison’s Chantilly Lace; 3, N Worthington French’s The Lion King. exc 153cm.— 1, S Lanz’s Spot The Fox; 2, R Slinn’s Eurocenters Cleo; 3, J Blundell’s Electric Storm. 153cm.— 1 & ch, S Robertson’s Designer Label; 2, J Blundell’s Denzil; 3, K Allen’s Millpond Look So Cheeky. Irish draught (MRs C Collinsplatt) b’mare.— 1, ch, sup & Cuddy ch, E Lord’s Ballineen Glen Abbess; 2, S Errington’s Toux Northern Lights. foal.— 1, S Quinn; 2, E Lord’s Ballineen It’s William; 3, S Errington’s Sionna Dimond Novena. 2/3-y-o.— 1, Mr R & Mrs J Murray’s Pride Of Treanlaur; 2, M Roebuck’s Hill Top Rebel; 3, T Smith’s The Prince Regent. do, sport horse.— 1 & res, J Saynor’s Blue’s Proposal; 2, H Ketley’s Kirkmoor Golden Fox; 3, J Cameron’s Lou Ham. ridden (Mrs C Colinsplatt, Mrs J Ward) pure-bred.— 1, J Blundell’s Jack Daniels; 2, S Pittendrigh’s Castle Jordon; 3, S Roche’s Cabra West. sport horse.— 1, V Fleming’s Lulu; 2, A Brewster’s Orchids Twice As Nice; 3, A Brewster’s Dramore. ridden hunter, novice (Mrs J Webber, G Mernagh) lwt.— 1 & ch, J Day’s Hitman; 2, S Chapman’s Professor Higgins; 3, E & W Gibson’s Shambo River King. hwt.— 1 & res, J Dunlop’s Man Of Distinction; 2, Beaverfast Ltd’s Foxcourt All Talk; 3, S Finlay’s The Spruce Goose. open (Mrs J Webber, D Waleters) lwt.— 1 & ch, J Dunlop’s Finn McCool; 2 & res, A Smurfitt’s Bow River; 3, J Jerram’s Axarax. mwt.— 1, J Day’s Pride And Joy; 2, L Wallace’s Adamstown; 3, H Rodgers’s District Court. hwt.— 1, W Smith’s Book Of Kells; 2, J Day’s Manton; 3, S Finlay’s The Spruce Goose. 4-y-o.— 1, Monserrat Sport Horses’ Lady’s Man; 2, J Gilliver’s Yarrow Special Eddie; 3, Mr & Mrs P Atkin’s Sutton Place. working (G Mernagh, Mrs R Morris) open.— 1, J Callwood’s Noble Romeo; 2, J Grimes’ Charisma; 3, C Richardson’s Pissaro. novice.— 1, S Finlay’s The Spruce Goose; 2, Mr T & Mrs C Fairburn’s Talk Talk; 3, R Parker’s Garter. hunter breeding, b’mare, small (P Warcup).— 1 & res, S Heslop’s Highland Mcduff; 2, J Moore’s Poppy’s Moon; 3, W Raper’s Loumic Fantasia. foal.— 1, J Moore’s Jemoon High Society; 2,, W Raper; 3, S Heslop’s Cheval Mister Bojangles. mare, lwt.— 1 & ch, S Manning’s Parisienne Gale; 2, Haswell & Moran’s Tiger Lily; 3, J Moore’s Jemoon Sea Pearl. foal.— 1 & ch, J Moore’s Jemoon Private Dancer; 2, Haswell & Moran; 3, H Bramley’s Triple Diamond. mare, hwt.— 1, T Wareham’s Who’s That Lady; 2, E Lord’s Ballineen Glen Abbess; 3, S Errington’s Toux Northern Lights. foal.— 1 & res, E Lord’s Ballineen It’s William; 2, T Wareham’s Fancyman; 3, S Errington’s Sionna Dimond Novena. y’stk (D Walters) y’ling colt/gelding.— 1 & res, S Browne’s Triple Crown; 2, J Moore’s Jemoon Tambourine Man; 3, G Smith’s Lowfield Riverdance. filly.— 1, K Neild’s Gold Dust; 2, R Parker’s Romantic Proposal; 3, L Jackson’s Casino Royale. 2-y-o, gelding.— 1 & ch, Creber & Hennessy’s Vantage Point; 2, R Myers’ Springthorpe; 3, A Weightman’s Demezza. filly.— 1, Langaller Farm’s Trenavey Consent; 2, M Ellerington’s Lizzy Dripping; 3, M Dawson’s Lily Langtry. 3-y-o, gelding.— 1, Creber & Hennessy’s Big Brother; 2, Haswell & Moran’s Look North; 3, A Brewster’s Rockafella. filly.— 1, Langaller Farm’s Langaller Eve’n Keel; 2, G Sarkar’s Inschagem Of India; 3, P Taylor’s Golden Asterisk. M&M in-hand (Mrs P Campbell, J Lee) lge brds, y’stk.— 1, V Compton’s Chilham Aquarius; 2, A Barton’s Hamish Of Fourmerk; 3, S Kaye’s Earl Of Tully. do, Exmoor.— 1, S Burger’s Rossmill North Wind; 2, Mr & Mrs I Graham’s Kebroyd Catuvellauni; 3, F Poulson’s Danelaw Bjaesk. lge brds, 4-y-o & over.— 1 & ch, J Whitham’s Woodrow April Delight; 2, Roberts & Fairclough’s Oduran Of Langley; 3, S Burton’s Carra Cashel. do, Exmoor.— 1 & res, Mr & Mrs I Graham’s Kebroyd Iceni; 2, D Sykes’s Cosmic Helix; 3, Moorland Mousie Trust’s Rosefinch, ridden (Miss R Philipson Stow, Mrs M Nimmo) sml brds.— 1, E Boardman’s Phi; 2, B Elliott’s Cosdon Carlos; 3, H Watson’s Brether. Welsh sec A/B.— 1 & res, G Ashington’s Pitty Beck Prince Charming; 2, T Neal’s Telynau Kirou; 3, S Smith’s Wolfsdale Storm. sec C.— 1, S Dowdeswell’s Rhyd Dou Glyndwr; 2, E Kinnaird’s Wyken First Lady; 3, C Tomlinson’s Hardys Ribbon. sec D.— 1, L Kitchener’s Cloigen Corwynt; 2, S Kershaw’s Rhoscolyn Casino; 3, V Proctor’s Calerux Patriot. dales, fell, Highland.— 1, D Harrod’s Ben Macdui Of Gorstan; 2, E Smith’s Jesse Blue; 3, D Welch’s Greenholme Sapphire. Connemara, New Forest.— 1 & ch, J McCallum’s Sydserff Lord Of The Dance; 2, K Hawes’ Blue Steel; 3, J Owens’ Bramhope Stardust. cob (Mrs J Webber, J Cochrane) lwt.— 1 & ch, Thompson & Sears’ Father Ted; 2 & res, Mr & Mrs G Gale’s Barneebus; 3, G Freeland’s General Jacob. hwt.— 1, M Colclough’s Dylan Thomas; 2, C Neame’s So Smart; 3, J McTiffin’s Mr Morrow. riding horse (A Varley, Mrs a Fernyhough) sml.— 1 & res, S Amblers Intrepid; 2, T Pethig’s In Tune; 3, D Burgin’s Haddon Hurricane. lge.— 1 & ch, The Queen’s Petition; 2, C Blaskey’s Blue Chip Thats Grand; 3, P Mortimer’s Kingswood. ladies hunter (Miss D Heath, Mrs R Morris).— 1, H Hunter’s Applejack; 2, E & W Gibson’s Shambo River King; 3, Mr & Mrs Hellier’s Conspiracy Theory. sml.— 1, J Bartle’s State Policy; 2, J Cook’s Paddington; 3, F Everall’s Hogarth. RP breeding (Mrs E Downie) b’mare, 128cm.— 1, S Sanderson’s Colandra; 2, Mesdames Bell, Hedley & Robson’s Mystic Moonlight. foal.— 1 & res, Mesdames Bell, Hedley & Robson; 2, S Sanderson. mare, 148cm.— 1 & ch, S Grimshaw’s Kitty Kelley; 2 & res, S Tideswell’s Colbeach Amethyst; 3, V Selby’s Archwood Groovy Chic. foal.— 1 & ch, S Tideswell’s Tidesbrook Little Gem; 2, S Grimshaw’s Moluccas Persian Poppy; 3, W Merryweather’s Rosamel Whispered Promise. y’ling, 128cm.— 1 & res, J de Pree’s Charn Secret Fairytale; 2, S Ashenden’s Becca Orlando; 3, D Cope’s Beckside Last Love. do, 148cm.— 1, L Bishop’s Wayfaring Song Of Summer; 2, J Dow’s Stanley Grange Regal Heights; 3, C Duke’s Greenbarrow Mr D’Arcy. 2/3-y-o, 128cm.— 1, M Pickles’ Crabfield Victor Xerxes; 2, T Potter’s Chagford Leon; 3, C Standring’s Haverdale Midnight Melody. do, 148cm.— 1 & ch, V Selby’s Archwood Ballerina; 2, S Donovan’s Astral Tinkerbelle; 3, E Boyles’ Sharien Gone With The Wind. dales (A Morland) y’ling/2-y-o.— 1, Mr & Mrs Metcalfe’s Bolam Ok; 2, J Sharp’s Thornville Jenna; 3, C Parker’s Roandale May Queen. 3-y-o & over.— 1 & ch, D Eccles’ Westwick Heather; 2 & res, D Eccles’ Westwick Rachael; 3, R Townsend’s Westwick Rose. stallion.— 1, Mr & Mrs I Thompson’s Waterside William; 2, C Parker’s Roandale Bobby. b’mare.— 1, J Sharp’s Thornville Rose; 2, Mesdames Hayes & Noble’s Sowermire Poppy; 3, C Crow’s Castlehill Princess. foal.— 1, Mesdames Hayes & Noble’s Stuffynwood Primrose; 2, J Sharp’s Thornville Lady; 3, Mr & Mrs Metcalfe’s Bolam Ruby. Dartmoor (Mrs P Campbell) y’ling.— 1, Mr & Mrs P Taylor’s Langfield Pantalaimon; 2, P Revell’s Meering Mister Buzz; 3, N Wright’s Treworgan Tawny Owl. 2/3-y-o.— 1, Mr & Mrs P Tyler’s Springwater Country Love; 2, C Woodward’s Holyrood Damson; 3, W Dunn’s Rekcilf Renaissance. stallion.— 1 & res, G Vasey’ Oak Tree Starstorm; 2, A Ridout’s Pumphill Bramwell. mare.— 1 & ch, N Wright’s Vean Tatyana; 2, Mr & Mrs P Tyler’s Springwater Bartoli; 3, Mr & Mrs K Dorman’s Scotgate Sweetheart. foal.— 1, N Wright’s Treworgan Topnotch; 2, Mr & Mrs K Dorman; 3, T Whittle’s Doehill South Pacific. fell, y’ling.— 1, V Morris’s Littletree Rhianna; 2, E Walker’s Rackwood Bonnie; 3, A Thorpe’s Wellbrow Aruna. 2/3-y-o.— 1 & res, J Crane’s Townend Candyman; 2, Mr & Mrs C Turner’s Murthwaite Gurkha; 3, M Jackson’s Castlehill Magic. 4-y-o & over.— 1 & ch, C Crow’s Castlehill Rose; 2, D Welch’s Greenholme Sapphire; 3, E Empsall’s Lunesdale Mountain Music. FR (R Parker Jones).— 1, Cooper Corporation’s Cosford Chartreuse; 2 & res, J Judge’s Abbeyvale Titania; 3, K Gillott’s Chaseford Aloof. LR.— 1 & ch, A Fowler’s Chaseford Charisma; 2, A Cooper’s Barkway Blackjack; 3, B Thomas’s Westway Twilight Rose. M&M LR (Mrs E Downie).— 1, J Foster’s Waxwing Pop Along; 2, S Potter’s Glenrose Rainmaker; 3, F Parr’s Tame Valley Black Jack. Shetland (Mrs J Pleass)
    — 1 & res, V Bell’s Butterby Kracker; 2, L Hutchings’ Butterby Express; 3, D Verity’s Claylands Prince Of Foxt. y’ling.— 1, J Kay’s Oxendale Jules; 2, D Sandham’s Sandhamvill Shikera; 3, J Walker’s Lignite Ginger Boy. 2/3-y-o.— 1, G Snaith’s Threapwood Bright Starlet; 2, E Kirkpatrick’s Dryfesdale Damson; 3, D Sandham’s Sandhamvill Britney. yeld mare/gelding.— 1, Miles’ Heathcroft Truda; 2, A Proud’s Horninglow Grasmere; 3, V Bell’s Butterby Isis. mare.— 1 & ch, S Atkinson’s Horninglow Dow Crag; 2, R Gibson’s North Wells Marvica; 3, J Barugh’s Birchmoor Velvet. foal.— 1, S Atkinson’s Horninglow Eskdale; 2, J Barugh’s Birchmoor Velour; 3, Miles Family’s Heathcroft Evangeline. show hunter pony (Miss M Brace, P Hilton) 122cm.— 1, A Hay’s Farchynys Pererin; 2, K Gillott’s Penucha Lochlan; 3, K Ward’s Beckcroft Bestman. 133cm.— 1 & res, L Matthews’ Springwind Pro Set; 2, G Genders’ Duntarvie Queen Of The Cats; 3, D Roberts’ Northford Steady Eddy. 143cm.— 1, L Burnip’s Mayeath Royal Diva; 2, L K Jackson’s Highmead Night Surprise; 3, A Yaqub’s Crafton Waltz Of The Toreador. 153cm.— 1 & ch, A Jarrom’s Cherrington Spot Light; 2, J Cook’s Music Trend; 3, V Heaton’s The Parson. SP (Mrs J Hoyle, Mrs G Sabin) 128cm.— 1 & ch, H Hume’s Daldorn Fairytale; 2, E Curbishley’s Brookwater Fairytale; 3, Mr & Mrs T Georgakis’ Parkhill First Edition. 138cm.— 1 & res, C Spencer’s Millwood Grange Penelope; 2, K Black’s Beckside Step Lightly; 3, M Jennings’ Kingsord Sweet Story. 148cm.— 1, L Galbraith’s Strinesdale Distinction; 2, T Mckay’s Seamoor Flashdance; 3, W Lloyd’s Marshbrook Bougainvillea. int.— 1, E Flather’s Lemington Moondance; 2, P Ahern’s Whalton High Jinks; 3, J Cooper’s The Gigolo. sec A (Mrs J Williams) y’ling, colt.— 1, S Greenwood’s Pentrefelin Playboy; 2, Thistledown Stud’s Thistledown Porche; 3, S Charlesworth’s Glyncocu Jester. do, filly/gelding.— 1, J Devenney’s Julmar Graceful; 2, L Atkinson’s Danwood Dream Maker; 3, G Farrow’s Waitwith Zoe. 2/3-y-o, colt.— 1, Mr & Mrs S Heppenstall’s Blackhill Humming Top; 2, G Farrow’s Waitwith Golden Wind; 3, G Falkingham’s Dukeshill Perfect Day. stallion.— 1 & ch, C Johnston’s Vervale Galileo; 2, J Devenney’s Powys (NL) Shon; 3, S Greenwood’s Brierdene Ben Hur. 2/3-y-o.— 1, J Devenney’s Julmar Sweet Rose; 2, P Gibbons’s Tyfel Tara; 3, S Pearce’s Pwllsarn Sweetcorn. b’mare.— 1 & res, Friars Stud’s Friars Supermodel; 2, K Goodhead’s Friars Lah Di Dah; 3, C Stopford’s Lingardswood Ambler. foal.— 1, K Goodhead’s Spring Oak Jimmy Choo; 2, S Groom’s Legerview Timber; 3, A Brough’s Kelkardi Jack Flash. sec B (Miss R Philipson Stow) y’ling, colt.— 1, M Parkin’s Gunthwaite Whatever; 2, H Parr’s Hincliffe Desert Hawk; 3, S Howard’s Boston Bulgari. do, filly/gelding.— 1, R Shields’ Isley Walton Coral; 2, K Cheetham’s Carrwood Adeniog; 3, Mr & Mrs B Butterworth’s Paddock Zara. 2/3-y-o, colt.— 1, K Cheetham’s Carrwood Phoenix; 2, J Blackburn’s Stoak Tyrol; 3, N Beaumont’s Gunthwaite Old Gold. stallion.— 1 & ch, D Jones’s Eyarth Mercury; 2 & res, S Kersey’s Eyarth Hansel; 3, E Lynes’ Moelgarnedd Derwyn. 2/3-y-o, filly/gelding.— 1, N Beaumont’s Janpete Miss Maisie; 2, K Money’s Milford Fair Breeze; 3, J Stewart’s Elvet Arianne. b’mare.— 1, J Blackburn’s Cottrell Gwener; 2, M Allen’s Bleachgreen Sygnet; 3, G Chippendale’s Hilin Betsan. foal.— 1, M Allen’s Bleachgreen Significant; 2, J Blackburn’s Westair Galena; 3, G Chippendale. sec D (R Russell) y’ling.— 1, S Pearce’s Ewyn Handsome Lad; 2, E Hampson’s Kirkhamgate Game On; 3, S Blackmore’s Menai Bonesig Y Nos. 2/3-y-o.— 1, H Parr’s Blaidd Naranja; 2, Mr & Mrs S Heppenstall’s Blaencila Arabella; 3, J Longbottom’s Rhoswen Rebel. stallion.— 1 & res, J Bedford’s Cathedine Real Magic; 2, A Broome’s Renvarg Rebel. mare/gelding.— 1 & ch, D Gant’s Kirkhamgate Lady Rhiannon; 2, A Walker’s Bluehaven Debonaire; 3, B Neal’s Renuarg Rachel. foal.— 1, A Walker’s Cyntaf Destiny; 2, D Gant’s Kirkhamgate Giovanni; 3, V Alderson. sec D, y’ling.— 1, J Llewelyn’s Avonvalley Aussie Rules; 2, C Anderson’s Conygar Lookout; 3, H Parr’s Northwick Magical Lady. 2/3-y-o.— 1 & res, J Llewelyn’s Avonvalley Pendderyn; 2, S Roper’s Solloway Soladite; 3, D Arbon’s Addien Limited Edition. stallion.— 1 & ch, S Gibbons’ Tymor The Tramp; 2, A Mitchell’s Addien Taran; 3, S Bennett’s Malnor Forest King. mare.— 1, S Bennett’s Penstrumbly Sparkling Model; 2, A Mitchell’s Addien Jewel; 3, J Fawcett’s Pantanamlwg Free Gift. foal.— 1, J Fawcett; 2, S Bennett. Cuddy in-hand sup.— ch, E Lords’ Balineen Glen Abbess; res, S Grimshaw’s Kitty Kelley.

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