Focus on Regalia Irish Draughts


    For 2005 season only, the fees for the Regalia Stallions have been reduced to a special price of £200, with a further reduction of £25 for RID graded mares, and a further £25 for Hornby Premium Mares.

    If you are looking for a top class, graded, performance Irish Draught Stallion to put to your mare, then Regalia Irish Draughts have stallions that fit the bill, and more!

    Using a stallion from a rare breed with a small genetic pool makes the right choice of a suitable sire for both pure and part bred mares both difficult and crucial. So a stud that specialises in rare bloodline outcross stallions must be like a breath of fresh air for breeders. Such a stud is Regalia Irish Draughts

    Regalia’s own broodmares are rare bloodline too, most tracing back to Mountain Prince, with winners in almost every discipline liberally scattered throughout his and his progeny’s pedigrees. Youngstock is occasionally for sale, some virtually sold before they are born, so if a pure-bred foal is of interest get in touch.

    Utilising AI allows Regalia to offer the choice usually found on larger studs whilst remaining small enough to provide valued personal attention to both customers and horses alike. AI is a less stressful method for your mare as she may not need to leave home, and with the correct procedures and equipment, is often a better choice for “difficult” mares than a natural covering. But if you wish to send your mare to stud, there are excellent facilities for the scanning and insemination to take place at Regalia. And while Cornwall may seem far away, the earlier spring and milder climate are all conducive to breeding horses!

    More info can be found on the website at www.irishdraughts.co.uk or by phoning (tel: 01872 273615) and speaking to either Joan or Allan Miller.

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