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  • Horse & Hound Online is offering you the chance to make your own personalised calendar for 2005 with the HHO Megastore.

    Simply choose your favourite image for each month from the H&H galleries, or from your own images, and they will be printed on to heavyweight A4 card along with the calendar for the relevant month. Each day has room for you to write down important events so you can plan your forthcoming season.

    You can choose to start at any point in the year from January 2005 and the calendar can last from one to 12 months, up to December 2005. The pages are then bound together with wire to make a complete calendar.

    The pages cost £1.99 each, which includes the cost of binding the pages together once all the pages have been prepared.

    Make my personalised calendar >>

    Alternatively you might like to choose from the following pre-prepared calendars.

    Petplan Mane Men Twelve top horsey men to ogle at in celebrity photographer Lord Lichfield’s star-studded calendar. Costs £7.90 incl p&p. Send a cheque, made payable to “Petplan Mane Men” to Mane Men, The Granary, 8 Star Street, Ware, Herts SG12 7AA

    Injured Jockeys’ Fund A variety of artwork and photos illustrating Brough Scott’s choice of “great races”, accompanied by his story of each race. Also includes a complete listing of the year’s race fixtures. Costs £8 incl p&p. Contact: (tel: 08080 453453) or visit: www.ijf.org.uk

    Farmers Proving they aren’t all about combine harvesters, pitchforks and milking parlours, 12 game farmers turn their hand to modelling. Costs £5.99 incl p&p.
    Contact: (tel: 01548 821207) or visit: www.thefarmerscalendar.co.uk

    Hanoverian State Stud Bernd Eylers’s stunning photographs of the stud’s stallions — portrait and in action, complete with their CVs. Costs £26.60 incl p&p. Contact: (tel: 0049 44089 23000)

    Bob Champion Cancer Trust An artistic collection featuring atmospheric racing images by painters such as Stubbs, JF Herring Snr and Graham Isom. Includes a complete listing of the year’s race fixtures. Costs £16 incl p&p. Contact: (tel: 020 7924 3553)

    Durrington Fine Arts Racing photographer Mel Fordham’s collection of this year’s star campaigners, from top filly Ouija Board to champion chaser Azertyuiop. Includes a complete listing of the year’s race fixtures. Costs £12.50 incl p&p. Contact: (tel: 01825 713337)

    British Horse Society Cheer up the monotony of your daily routine with a jolly Thelwell cartoon each month. Costs £5.99 plus p&p. Contact: (tel: 08701 201918 or 01926 707762) or visit: www.britishhorse.com

    Pony Club A superb collection of pony pictures, with tips for preparing for competitions and dates of the major shows. Costs £7.99 plus p&p. Contact: (tel: 020 89325400) or www.pcuk.org

    Countryside Alliance Has two calendars out this year, one full of evocative glossy photos, but if you find them a bit too tame, there is always the more raunchy bareback calendar. The CA calendar costs £9.99 plus p&p, while the Bareback one will set you back £7.49 plus p&p. Contact: (tel: 01892 837800) or www.c-ashop.co.uk

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