BDS Surrey driving results

  • BDS SURREY Horton Country Park, Epsom, 8 July
    in hand (C Douglas)— 1, L Cook’s Cui Ellen; 2, C Chidwick’s Dunkery Skylark. young driver— 1, M Herriot’s Charlie Boy (L MacKenzie); 2, K Aburrow’s Parc Cadno; 3, B Jones’s Puddingwood Socks (A Jones). exercise vehicles four wheels— 1 & ch, H Stinson’s Firsedge Zircon; 2, E Thompson’s Cortaflex Benny; 3, S Bone’s Brookfield Budweiser. two wheels— 1 & ch, V Walker’s Suki; 2, M Ingram’s Springmead Aberdare. nov horse/pony— 1, J Rowe’s Acro Adventure; 2, Parc Cadno; 3, Suki. pleasure driving two wheel— 1, M Saunder’s Rocking Rolo; 2, Springmead Aberdare; 3, Suki. m&m— 1, Firsedge Zircon; 2, N Horwood’s An Toiseach Of Tomfada & Toiseach Silver; 3, G Brownrigg’s Leith Maestro. light trade four wheel— 1, C Fountain’s Regency Rocky Boy; 2, J Hyatt’s Richi; 3, M Burgess’s Mitcheltroy King Flyer. two wheel— 1 & ch, T Fountain’s Trixies How’d You Like It; 2, Brookfield Budwwiser; 3, T Jewer’s Pennal Sion. private driving 13.2hh & under— 1, J Vyse’s Tyssul Iceman (G Docking); 2, N Blandin’s Oldmere Jester (K Abburow); 3, Charlie Boy (M Herriot). Surrey area whip— 1, J lewis’s Pentrefelin Madigan; 2, Cortaflex Benny; 3, C Buller’s Bracken. private driving over 13.2hh (A Sinclair)— 1 & res sup, K Rudge’s Mr Paddy; 2, M & E Edmonds’s Parkton Unique (E Edmonds); 3, J Rowe’s Harlington Sapphire. ride & drive— 1, Pentrefelin Madigan; 2, A pritchard’s Northleach Roulette; 3, Stapleford Enchantment (M Kelly & H Kelly). pleasue driving four-wheel— 1, An Toiseach Of Tomfada & Toiseach Silver; 2, Firsedge Zircon; 3, Cortaflex Benny (W Leslie). private drivng Welsh sec A/B/C/D— 1 & sup, Parkton Unique; 2, Oldmere Jester (N Blandin); 3, Tyssul Iceman. Welsh Cobs in wagons— 1, C Meads’s Ciffig Cymro Du (D Thirsting); 2, B Jones’s Cefngelli Councer; 3, T Buckland’s Goldflake.

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