Our point-to-point columnist is pleased to see good fields at Stratford, but is concerned about the lack of younger people attending the AGM

A decline in horses and riders has meant fewer hunter chases, but they can still be competitive says our point-to-point columnist

South Midlands Area Point to Point

Jacqueline Coward: The time of year for sales [H&H VIP]

Jacqueline Coward had a successful last Yorkshire point-to-point and looks ahead to the sales

South Midlands Area Point to Point  07.02.10

Darren Edwards: Why he hates letting down owners [H&H VIP]

Fewer point-to-point jockeys available on big weekends means our correspondent sometimes has to make a diffciult decision

South Midlands Area Point to Point  07.02.10

Jacqueline Coward: point-to-point falls and why mixed opens aren’t fair [H&H VIP]

Learning to fall safely is key for point-to-pointers says our columnist, who also notes that lady riders have to match the men’s weights, not vice versa

Our occasional guest point-to-point columnist warns against the temptation to try to run British racing between the flags on the Irish model

At least the ground is no longer waterlogged, but the faster going gives another headache to clerks of the course, says our poimt-to-point correspondent

Berkeley Hunt point to point April 25 2009

Jacqueline Coward: winning local ‘Gold Cups’ and helping out [H&H VIP]

Our point-to-point columnist highlights the importance of the once-a-year hunt race to local supporters and urges more people to get involved with their local meeting

Berkeley Hunt point to point April 25 2009

Yorkshire point-to-point course closes

After 85 years the final pointing fixture has been run at Whitwell on the Hill

South Midlands Area Point to Point

Darren Edwards: horses may ‘lose’ point-to-points at Aintree [H&H VIP]

There may be glitz and glamour at Aintree and Cheltenham, but when horses have had taxing runs on difficult ground, their prowess in points may be affected, says our columnist