Stuck for inspiration for a Christmas gift to buy a hunting enthusiast? We provide you with something for all tastes, from those with realistic expectations of what might be wrapped under the Christmas tree, to those where dreams have taken over.

1. Hunting tie (stock)

There are only a number of times that you can re-fold an old hunting tie in order not to show the stubborn shadows of mud that have resisted every stain remover on sale. For those people a new hunting tie is always an option… Whether it be four fold, shaped, white, cream or coloured is another matter but the options are all available at

2. Homemade hip flask tipples

A bottle of sloe gin or perhaps something slightly more peculiar such as raspberry vodka, is always welcomed by those who like to carry a hip flask on hunting days. A little bit of forward planning is required for this and it won’t get delivered by next day delivery, however you may well get the opportunity to sample your own creations out on the hunting field over the course of the following season.

3. Rubber hunting boots

These are a must for anybody who has been caught out on gate-shutting duties, when their favourite leather boots with a few cracks in have just not kept out the mud when standing in the boggiest of gateways trying to do up frayed pieces of string. Available with or without leather tops for both ladies and gents at

4. Saddle flask

Ideal for those whose hunt coat pockets are showing signs of wear and tear having suffered for years under the weight of a hip flask. Or perhaps you know somebody who owns a flask where the lid isn’t attached and has a tendency to land on the floor just as hounds start speaking. Some hip flasks simply don’t have sufficient capacity, so a saddle flask might be the only solution. Try one of these:

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5. Breeches

They may possibly be one of the most difficult items to select as presents, but nobody can have enough pairs of hunting breeches. This is particularly the case over the Christmas period when it’s possible to hunt virtually every day of the week and hanging washing on the line to dry isn’t necessarily an option. These breeches from Alexander James combine being washable with a traditional look and they also have belt loops as well as garter strap buttons which eliminates any need to choose standards over practicality:

6. A new lorry

We’ve all seen the adverts for smart new lorries in the back of the classified adverts in Horse & Hound, or wandered into one on a stand at Badminton, dreaming of driving away in a lorry that starts first time or has racks for your tack and rugs. Perhaps a new two-horse lorry under 3.5T would suit so that anyone who can drive a car is able to drive it without passing a further test. Visit

7. Thermals

With temperatures plummeting it’s best to be prepared with a thermal stock shirt, available from:

8. Side-saddle lessons

Perhaps the special person in your life has always admired the elegance of those who ride sideways but has never been brave enough to give it a go. If so, perhaps a lesson would be the push they need for them to try it. For further details, contact:

9. Waterproof riding mac

For those days when the heavens open a smart, waterproof riding mac to put over a hunt coat could be just the answer. Visit:

10. Hunting stationery

The email and text message have not yet completely replaced traditional thank you letters, especially when it comes to writing to thank meet hosts for their generosity or masters of visiting packs. Hunting-themed correspondence cards are perfect for such communication. Try:

11. Commissioned painting

The ultimate, exclusive and lasting gift for anybody with a favourite hunter or hounds, has to be a commissioned oil or watercolour painting by sporting artist and Master of Foxhounds Daniel Crane. Visit: