World Equestrian Games 2018 para dressage riders, squads and teams

  • Details of the horses and riders who have been selected for long-lists, short-lists and confirmed para dressage squads at the World Equestrian Games in Tryon, North Carolina (11-25 September 2018) will be added to this page as they become available.

    Teams are made up of a maximum of four riders per nation. Teams must include at least one grade I, II or grade III rider and cannot include more than three riders in any one grade.

    Great Britain

    • Sophie Wells on C Fatal Attraction (gr V)
    • Lee Pearson on Styletta (gr II)
    • Erin Orford on Dior (gr III)
    • Natasha Baker on Mount St John Diva Dannebrog (gr III)


    • Steffen Zeibig on Feel Good
    • Elke Phillipp on Regaliz
    • Angelika Trabert on Diamonds Shine
    • Regine Mispelkamp on Look At Me Now

    The Netherlands

    • Sanne Voets on Demantur
    • Rixt Van Der Horst on Findsley
    • Nicole Den Dulk on Wallace NOP
    • Frank Hosmar on Alphaville NOP


    • Line Munk Madsen on Hønnerups Beebob
    • Stinna Tange Kaastrup on Horsebo Smarties
    • Tobias Thorning Jørgensen on Bruunholm Caribian
    • Susanne Jensby Sunesen on CSK’s Que Faire


    • Rebecca Hart on El Corona Texel
    • Angela Peavy on Royal Dark Chocolate
    • Kate Shoemaker on Solitaer 40
    • Roxanne Trunnell on Dolton


    • Marcos Fernandes Alves on Vladimir
    • Sergio De Oliva on Coco Chanel M
    • Vera Lucia Martins Mazzilli on Ballantine
    • Rodolpho Riskalla on Don Henrico


    • Sara Oliveira Duarte with Daxx Du Hans
    • José Augusto Neves with Vendetto C
    • Inês Teixeira with Giraldo Sernadinha
    • Ana Isabel Mota Veiga with Convicto


    • Sho Inaba with Femme Fatale
    • Tomoko Nakamura with Djazz F
    • Katsuji Takshima with Emora C VD Wijdewormer
    • Soshi Yoshigoe with Brown Sugar


    • Federico Lunghi with Laudario
    • Sara Morganti with Royal Delight
    • Francesca Salverde with Muggel 4
    • Maurilio Vaccaro with Bonaire Van De Mottelhoeve


    • Manon Claeys with San Dior 2
    • Barbara Minneci with Stuart
    • Eveline van Looveren with Feleva
    • Ciska Vermeulen with Rohmeo


    • Lauren Barwick with Engelbrecht
    • Winona Hartvikson with Ultimo
    • Jody Schloss with Lieutenant Lobin
    • Roberta Sheffield with Bailaor
    • Estelle Guillet with Magic Des Meuyrattes
    • Jose Letartre with Swing Royal ‘Ene HN’
    • Cloe Mislin with Don Caruso
    • Vladimir Vinchon with Tarantino Fleuri

    Hong Kong

    • Fleur Schrader with Jockey Club Sarago Raphael
    • Tin Chi Timothy Tsang with Jockey Club Cethegus M
    • Pui Ting Natasha Tse with Baxo


    • Katja Karjalainen with Dr Doolittle
    • Jaana Kivimäki with Legolas
    • Pia-Pauliina Reitti with Supremo


    • Pepo Puch with Sailor’s Blue
    • Julia Sciancalepore with Heinrich IV


    • Emma Booth with Mogelvangs Zidane

    Czech Republic

    • Anastasja Vistalova with Dominique
    US Virgin Islands
    • Lee Frawley with P’S Panta Leone

    Saudi Arabia

    • Ahmed Sharbatly with Cassandra


    • Rihards Snikus with King Of The Dance


    • Ignacio Treviño Fuerte with Batik


    • Laurentia Yen-Yi Tan with Fuerst Sherlock


    • Louise Etzner Jakobsson with Zernard

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